A Comprehensive List of WEG Motors Subcategories

Known for their robust structure, exceptional performance and durability, WEG motors combine innovation and competence, which makes them stand out in the market.


AC Motors - NEMA

There are two varieties of AC motors offered by WEG, induction motors and synchronous motors. They are fundamentally the same in engineering but different in torque, rotatory speed, energy requirements, etc. here are all the categories under WEG AC motors:

General Purpose ODP/TEFC

Designed for a wide variety of applications, these motors are effective across several industries for everyday use, ranging from compressors, factory packaging machines and condensers. There are four assortments of general electric motor model numbers, varying in torque speed and moreover the construction, built in steel and cast iron.

  • ODP Rolled Steel Motors
  • ODP Cast Iron Motors
  • TEAO and TEFC Rolled Steel Motors

Slip-ring modular motors

These motors are designed for increased torque with low starting voltage, which are nominated for heavy load applications such as mill drives and far-flung work sites where the current network is considered weak.
All our slip-ring motors present a strong construction, with prize winning ventilation technology for guaranteed efficiency. NMK slip-ring motors are available in 400, 450, 500, 560, 630 and 710 frame sizes with output power of up to 10,000 kilowatts (kW).

Severe Duty

Built to withstand the harshest work environments, the severe duty motors are designed with strong casting, lower vibration, and better productivity. These heavy duty electric motors offer flexible mounting options with a strong construction for a long life cycle. They are suitable for any industry requiring robust motors. Our Severe Duty motors include:

  • W22 Motors: Suitable for a variety of sectors and industrial uses.
  • IEEE 841 Motors: Particularly made for petrochemical and chemical industries.
  • Cooling Tower Motors: outstanding operation for applications in lower temperatures.
  • Crusher Duty Motors: Made for utility in and around cement companies, mines and mineral refineries.

Explosion Proof/DIP Motors

For workplaces prone to explosion, dealing with volatile and potentially flammable goods, powders, liquid and gases, explosion proof motors are a must have. WEG flame proof motors cater to Class I and Class II hazardous environments, including W21Xdb Motors for explosion precautionary use, and Fractional Motors for more sensitive atmospheres.

Pump Motors

WEG pump motors are resilient, durable and specialized. This model is altered to cater to a unique environment for accurate utility, including:

Close Coupled JM/JP and Close Coupled JM/JP-AEGIS®

Instead of two shafts, these motors operate on a single long shaft electric motor which is bolted to drive flange, in the place of pump feet installation. They are used for hazardous waste water and chemical discharges.

Fire Pump Motors

Used in fire extinguishing systems for time saving integration and intervention to automatic use.

Jet Pump Motors

Used in condensing equipment, with innovative vapor removal mechanisms.

Pool & Spa Motors

They are perfect when used in any environment with humidity, dust and other contamination factors, offering high torque and efficiency in operation and energy management.

P-Base Motors

They are perfect when used in any environment with humidity, dust and other contamination factors, offering high torque and efficiency in operation and energy management.

AEGIS® Inside Motors

an all-one solution for a variety of industrial applications.

Hydraulic Pump Motors

Made with industrial cast iron for heavy duty waste management., such as trash cars.

Oil Well Pump Motors

Designed with robust structure and high torque, and used in oil well beam pumping units.

Air Handling Motors

An integrated part of the cooling and heating system, the Air Handling Motors are designed to control, circulation and filter in air condition systems such as condensers and heating towers, they are designed with low vibrating mechanisms and reduced noise pollution, while granting efficiency in energy and performance. They include the following types to meet various application demands.

  • Cooling Tower
  • Resilient Mount
  • Evaporative Cooler
  • Pad Mount
  • Condenser
  • Fan and Blower

Brake Motor

If your system requires instantaneous and precise control over speed and stop mechanism, Brake motors are designed to increase safety and accuracy. They are available in;

W22 Brake Motor

The W22 Brake Motor ate a perfect electrical motor for applications that require on-spot, precise and safe stops, and improved authority over application while the motor is in use.

W01 Brake Motor

The W01 brake motors are used for time saving applications while offering a great command over its function when required.

Washdown Motors

Whether a workplace is prone to moisture, humidity, and chemical spillage, or constantly requiring to be washed and disinfected. These categories of motors are commonly used in food and beverage packaging and production, chemical companies, pharmaceuticals and almost all the sectors under supervision of food and drugs administration. They encompass the following assortment:

Shark Motors

  • HydroDuty Motors
  • HydroWash Motors
  • PickerPlus Motors

Variable Speed Motors

If your workplace requires controlled torque and frequency of the electrical power, the Variable Speed Electric motors help adjusting the frequency accruing to the load. Furthermore, they help increase productivity by reducing excess electricity and costs. These emotions are extremely durable and made for hydraulic and mechanical systems.

  • Vector Duty Line - TENV
  • AEGIS® Inside
  • Close Coupled JM/JP-AEGIS®
  • Shaft Grounding

Farm Duty Motors

Also referred to as agricultural fan motors, the Farm Duty motors are designed to resist any environmental factors such as dust, population, moisture, etc. They are used on farms, poultry sites, cattle stations, and similar locations. These motors are available in a few varieties for specified characteristics:

  • General Purpose
  • Auger Drive
  • Grain Dryer
  • Poultry Fan
  • Aeration Fan
  • Irrigation Duty

AC Motors - IEC

  • General Purpose Motors
  • With versatile using options, they are offered in two categories:

  • Aluminum Frame Motors
  • Aluminum frame motors with removable feet offer flexibility of use and adjustment without any complicated procedures.

  • Cast Iron Frame Motors
  • Cast-iron frame motors are reliable, with versatile mounting options with lower noise levels.

  • Severe Duty Motorss
  • Whether for chemical processing, mining, oil rigs and any other application that requires robust electrical systems to resist the most demanding work environment, WEG Severe Duty Motors in IEC category offer a single yet multifunctional model, named as TEFC W22 Tru-Metric.

  • Hazardous Area IEC - Ex/ATEX Motors
  • Explosion proof motors under IEC classification are introduced in two categories:

  • Ex-ec Motors
  • Explosion-proof motors of Ex-db class are arranged for highly dangerous and in the presence of explosive environments.

  • Ex-db Motors
  • Explosion-proof motors of Ex-db class are arranged for highly dangerous and in the presence of explosive environments.

Definite Purpose Motors

Compact motors with a resilient iron cast, the IEC Definite Purpose motors target saw related motor requirements. They are highly efficient and cost effective, used for miter saws, metal cutoff saws, sanders, wood milling machines, etc.

Large Induction Motors

Another variety of AC motors, the Large Induction Motors offer numerous varieties to cater to higher load energy requirements; condensers, air ventilation systems, pumps, waste system integration and more. The biggest electric motor subcategories include:

  • Cast Iron TEFC Motors
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motors are multifunctional, with general industrial use for large pumps, compressors, etc.

  • Cast Iron ODP Motors
  • Robust motors with iron casting to withstand any condition, combined with Open Dirt Proof Mechanism, used in an environment with minimal dust and contamination.

  • Wound Rotor Induction Motors
  • Versatile and reliable, the master line motors offer exceptional task execution used in cement mines, mineral mills, refineries and other heavy dirty atmospheres.

  • Water Cooled Motors
  • Water Cooled Motors are designed with a compact silhouette, and durability even in the harshest worksites.

  • Drilling Motors
  • Designed with progressive cavity positive displacement pump attached to a robust drill head, these motors are renowned for their superior functional capacity, time saving and reliable performance.

  • Hazardous Duty Motors
  • Constructed with a fully enclosed silhouette, these motors are tailored to respond to safety precautions in potentially explosive environments and contact with combustible gas, liquid and dust.

  • Induction Motors
  • These asynchronous motors run with an avant garde magnetic rotator with exceptional performance and operational both with single phase and three phase electrical inputs.

  • M Mining Line Motors
  • Boasting electromechanical features to offer reliable use and efficiency across industries, such as cement refineries, mineral mines, large construction sites, etc.

Synchronous Motors

WEG synchronous motors offer precise control over the rotator’s functions, while rotating in synchronicity at the same speed of the revolving field in a system or machine. This class includes:

  • S Line Motors
  • S line synchronous motors deliver remarkable adaptability, lower maintenance costs, and modifiable features to suit any worksites.

  • SM40 Line Motors
  • If a motor with low voltage starting current is required, SM40 Line offers outstanding performance. It delivers high torque, current correction, and adjustability of spread in accordance to the load variation.

  • Electric Machinery Company - Synchronous Motors
  • These synchronous motors are designed with particular features for heavy industrial sites such as mining sectors, metal refineries, etc, and enhanced with digitized data gathering and precision.

  • Water Cooled Motors
  • Water Cooled Motors are designed with a compact silhouette, and durability even in the harshest worksites.

Fractional DC Motor

The Fractional DC motor is directly powered, and enhanced with medium torque, multifunctional and durable gear shaft, while offering greater control over the function.

Electronically Commutated Motors

EC, or Electrically Commutated Motors hold both characteristic to Alternating Current Motors, and Direct Current variations. They are constructed with a permanent magnet and a brushless DC motor gear. They are offered in the following varieties:

  • EC WECM IEC Motors
  • The WEG Electronically Commutated Motor is easy to install, simple to use, and highly efficient energy consumption and performance. They also provide adjustable speed, which makes them a perfect fit for air ventilation systems.

  • EC Emerald NEMA Motors
  • EC Emerald NEMA Motors offer controlled rotation speed, robust construction and excellent performance, also suitable for gas pump systems and air Ventilation.

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