SSB Electronic

SSB Electronic: A Quick Review

Under the SSB Electronic category, you can find electronic assemblies, individual devices, connectors, and low-loss coaxial cables for communications engineering.

The right cable can help you set up connections in a quick, effective way. We also have strict quality checks to ensure that everything is of good quality.

Product Features

SSB Electronics provides a wide range of products. These include coax cables, pre-amplifiers, and weatherproof coax switches.

High operating speeds and reliability characterize automatic switches. They are controlled both via the coaxial cable and a separate control line. Matching sequencers are available.

What Types of Products Does SSB-Electronic Offer?


The DCC5000pro is used to transport digital data over the coax with a ceramic PCB. Its design minimizes and redistributes attenuation over high frequencies.


The DCW 2004B offers three voltage inputs and a single output; it is designed to decrease the risk of encountering volts spikes during switching. It offers an efficient design that will not fully damage a pre-amplifier.


Radiofrequency monitoring equipment with five series of receivers can track signals in a range between 9 kHz and 330 MHz. In addition, SDR allows seamless database connections, direct integration of signal decoders, and remote operation is possible via an IP network.


Antenna transmission signals are the last point of contact between a subscriber and the network. This can often be seen as the last point in an RF signal’s connection with a subscriber. Indoor antennas require electrical performance that guarantees a good connection and signals transmission with receive from devices and maintains a low visual impact for the general public.


This switch allows for FCC-compliant antenna switching and features two high-quality RF relays that can transmit at high RF power.

A power amplification system without a relay switch can be installed close to the switch on the mast. Alternatively, in this case, a power transmission amplifier can be installed in the box with transmit-receive switching. In this concept, the pre-amplifier is not influenced by heat generated by power-switching relays. Therefore, the noise level of the pre-amplifier in this system only depends on ambient temperature and not on heat generated by relays.


These series offer a variety of products for industrial WiFi solutions. Some of the products include WiFi cables, connectors, and amplifiers. In addition, discover the SSB-Electronic products and how they can improve WiFi signal strength.


The SSB-MAC is a device that ships data transmission on shorelines and lets you communicate even when distances or building structures interfere with reception.

The SSB-MAC provides a central source of attenuation for stages three and four. The SSB-MAC connects to the splitter that distributes the signal with appropriate amplifiers and regulated port access, providing up to 256 antennas for segmented zones.


This includes a variety of High-Frequency Components, waiting for you to choose between Coaxial Relays, Directional Couplers, Attenuators, and Terminating impedances.


SSB-Electronic delivers loss coaxial cables.

All our cables are RoHS compliant and meet the following standards. The specific requirements depend on the cable type. All relevant information is given in the data sheets (download catalog).


With a switchable pre-amplifier, you can remove the transmitter and use an original SSB-Electronic pre-amplifier instead.


Softlog System’s in-circuit programmers help designers to turn their designs from the development phase into production. In addition, the programmers can scale for high-volume environments, offering up to 64 parallel channels that allow designers to meet the needs of the production environment.


SSB-Electronic offers hardware and software for cable assembly.


Flexible coaxial cable is recommendable for many applications in high frequencies technique. It has a low attenuation, which improves the quality and enables it to be useable up to 10 GHz.


SSB offers work on connector solutions for coaxial cables. We always prioritize quality construction and the design of our products.

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