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There are different systems that allow measuring the widest range of applications. One of which, Bourdon tube technology, has three separate pressure gauges connected by copper tubing and a hollow brazed aluminum rod that is used to detect and measure changes in pressure, with variations in the lengths of the tubing corresponding to variations in the outputs.

Rigid connections to systems and equipment ensure that SKF products can be used for heating, plumbing, and pneumatics. They are all engineered to equip SKF hydraulic pumps, oil injectors, industrial automation, and more.


Rigid, limited pressure gauges cover scale ranges from 0.5 to 6,000 bars. They are accurate to within 0.1 percent of the measured value and are available in a variety of materials depending on what each installation requires.

Pressure gauges for a wide range of purposes, from the gas and oil industries to food manufacturing. Analog gauges or digital, with inductive contacts or electrical contacts

Industrial Stainless products can be purchased to make connections for machines or into piping. This connection can be direct with a bracket, u-clamp, or wall flange. There are also instruments that are approved and certifiable by international grade laboratories.

Product categories

STEEL CASE Pressure Gauges

These pressure gauges handle all your gaseous and liquid media needs, including all pneumatics, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and medical engineering.

GAS Pressure Gauges

These pressure gauges are suitable for reactive gases. The workshop uses standard gauges that can solve all particular problems. We offer custom logos and dials, non-standardized scales, and special attachments for any application.

ABS CASE Pressure Gauges

This product is ideal for gaseous and liquid media that don’t attack the copper alloy, Pneumatics, Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, and medical engineering. Affordable, sold in batch packed as datasheet.


We are equipped to work with any kind of fluid that doesn’t attack copper alloy, including hydraulics, pneumatic, and marine. Our specialists are competent in adverse conditions where high-pressure pulsations or vibrations could occur.

MISO or ISOMETRIC Pressure Gauges

This type of pipe is good for use with high overpressure. With its wide reading in low pressure, it gets exponential after that. This type of pipe is suitable for any gas or liquid that does not attack copper alloy parts. This type of pipe is intended for adverse service conditions like when there is the presence of pulsating or vibration. We can solve all your requirements at our workshop.


With the liquid-filled case, this product is absolutely perfect for chemical or energy industries that need to work in high-pressure conditions without worrying about vibrations or changes in pressure.

Our products are able to solve all your required problems with mechanical engineering or plant construction. These are also ATEX certified.


This one is good because it has a pressure brake that protects the operator in case of damage while also allowing high pressure to be used.

CAPSULE & CASING Pressure Gauges

On both sides of the item, there are different pressure gauges for measurements. These range from 25 mBar to 600 mBar.

DIAPHRAGM Pressure Gauges

These gauges are especially suitable for low pressure, offering a sensing element created when a corrugated diaphragm is clamped between two welded bodies.


If it’s not possible to use a gauge on the process directly, there are different types of seals that are effective for varying applications.

DIGITAL Pressure Gauges

LAB series is applicable as Test gauge for plant, accuracy laboratories, check transducers, pressure gauge, and pressure switch.

DIFFERENTIAL Pressure Gauges

Pitot tubes are used to measure pressure differential for both low and high pressures with a scale that is calibrated in inches of water.


Couplings and micro fittings are efficient and economical, providing the connection between various components at a machine or plant.

Couplings and Micro-hose capillary solve, handy and efficient, the connection from machine or plant and check instruments.

Pressure Gauge ACCESSORIES

Find any pressure gauge accessory and tool you need to complete your pressure system efficiently and at an affordable price.

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