Innovative Pressurized System Solutions by Goma Pumps

GOMA features one of the top assortment of pumps for Industrial Sector and Oil & Gas Companies, to match the exact requirement of high-pressure systems. Whether for packaging, drilling, transferring liquids, etc,here are some applications of these pumps;

  • Industrial hygiene systems
  • Pressurized Hydraulic Systems
  • Hydraulic Cutting
  • Homogenized Packaging and Productions
  • Packaging
  • Hydraulic Power Systems


High Pressure Pumps and Systems

Goma High pressure reciprocating pumps are used across a wide range of applications, inducing waterjet systems, metal processing and manufacturing, hydraulic power and testing systems, creating RO systems, transport of water, thin and highly viscous liquids, etc.
These pumps are available in customized and over 100 models of standard varieties. The common pumps are applicable in a range of high pressure in 1000 HP (750 KW), to 20000 PSI (1400 kg /cm2); and 1000 GPM (4000 LPM) flow consistency rate.
The pumps are available in;

  • Simplex / Triplex / Quintuplex Plunger pumps; positive displacement pump with pressurized seal
  • Prime Mover Pumps including: Electric motors, Diesel & Gas Engine
  • Mounting Pumps

The reciprocating pump units, such as Simplex, Triplex, and Quintuplex, come with conversion kits to adjust pressure to volume ratios accordingly.

Reciprocating Pump Features

  • Power End Pumps
  • Designed with robust cast iron casing
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Used for splash lubrication
  • Steel alloy shaft with high performance with roller bearings on either side
  • Heavy duty bimetallic bearings
  • Industrial grade cast iron or steel extension rod
  • Fluid End Pumps
  • Used in fluid chambers and immersive environments
  • Made from steel alloy for anti-corrosion properties
  • Crafted from steel alloys for a robust plunger coating
  • Stainless steel valves with wing guided or ball constructions
  • Stainless steel stuffing box
  • Robust Gland Packing with gun metal

Reciprocating Pump Models

  • API 674 Pumps
  • These pumps are manufactured in compliance with American Petroleum Institute- API 674 standards, hence the name. Designed for the Oil & Gas industry, these pumps are durable, with high performance, and innovative.
    They are available in a variety of plunger kit size to cater to a wide variety of application, and flow rate definition,

Design Features:

  • Flexible in application
  • Resistant to chemical exposure and offshore environments
  • Available on custom made varieties
  • In accordance with API 674/ISO 13710.
  • Fluid movement with three runner skids
  • Steel cast
  • Comes with splash-gravity lubrication
  • Designed with roller and anti-friction bearings
  • Long life cycle
  • Available with testing certifications on customers’ demands


  • T-80000 API 674 Pumps: Horizontal and Triplex Reciprocating Plunger Pump, used for electric motors and Diesel and Gas engines.
  • QT-60000 API 674 Pumps: Horizontal and Triplex Reciprocating Plunger Pump, used for Electric Motors, Gas, Diesel and Truck Engines.
  • T-20000 API 674 Pumps: Horizontal and Triplex Reciprocating Plunger Pump, used for Electric Motors, Gas, Diesel and Truck Engine.
  • T-8000 API 674 Pumps: Horizontal and Triplex Reciprocating Plunger Pump, used for electric motors and Diesel and Gas engines
  • T-60000 API 674 Pumps: Horizontal and Triplex Reciprocating Plunger Pump, used for electric motors and Diesel and Gas engines.
  • QT-30000 API 674 Pumps: Each of these pumps offers a different power ration, flow rate, and energy consumption. Contact our experts at RAAH International for further information.
  • Triplex Plunger Pump:

GOMA High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps & Systems are designed for multi functional utility, energy-saving features and high performance. They are used as an effective and reliable solution for pressurized cleaning systems, cutting, spraying, etc.

The High Pressure Reciprocating Triplex Plunger Pumps are otherwise known as Piston pumps and are used for sized volumes. Functioning as positive displacement pumps, these pumps are proved to be 90 percent more efficient compared to ordinary centrifugal pumps.

GOMA High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps are available in 15 different models, with a variety of flow rate, power and application.

Triplex Plunger Pump Features

  • Available from the range of 1HP
  • Comes with crankshaft mechanism
  • Non return suction & discharge valves
  • Offering flow rates proportional to the RPM
  • Automatic plungers reciprocation synchronization
  • Providing proportion fluid velocity to application
  • All pumps comply with API 674 standards


  • Triplex reciprocating pump: T – 500, T – 1400, T – 2000, T – 2500, T – 8000, T – 12000, T – 20000, T – 40000, T – 60000, T – 80000.
  • Triplex reciprocating pumps with internal gear reduction: TG – 4000, TG – 5000, TG – 8000.
  • Quintuplex reciprocating pump: QT – 60000, QT – 80000.

Any of these pump series are made with a different plunger and piston sizes to meet a variety of application parameters. Contact our expert for more details.

Oil & Gas Pump Packages

  • Water injection pumps
  • These pumps are used for transferring of salt water, and waste liquids of crude oil during the extraction process. Used in High Pressure Effluent or Water Injection System at ETP, these systems include a variety of High-pressure Plunger Pumps according to specific task or environmental requirements.


    • 300 Kg/cm² working pressure
    • 150 M3/Hr discharge flow rate
    • Applicable for 24X7 continuous duty
    • Robust and sturdy structure
    • Compliant withAPI-674
    • Made of duplex & super duplex stainless steel

  • Mobile Pumping Unit
  • Easily transportable and modifiable units, these pumps are used for flushing of oil flow lines. They come with hydro testing and are used for a wide variety of applications, whether for oil and or water circulations, lifting of spill petroleum or oil, transport of liquids, handling emergency situations where pressurized systems are required, etc.


    • 400 Kg/cm² max working pressure
    • 40 M³/Hr max discharge flow rates
    • Applicable for oil field fluids
    • Engineered with Horizontal, Triplex, Single Acting Reciprocating Plunger Pump designs
    • Versatile and durable
    • Used in COD Pumping Systems

  • Well Servicing Pumps
  • GOMA presents High Pressure Well Servicing Pumps for applications such as cementing, acidizing, sand control, hot oil services, etc. these pumps can handle highly acidic environments with extreme efficiency.


    • Compatible with concentration of HCL, HF and water
    • Used in mud drilling systems
    • Handling slurry of small glass beads in water to keep the rocks apart
    • Used as engine – driven high pressure pumps
    • Max working pressure at 15,000 psi
    • Top discharge flow rate at 1000 LPM

  • Blow – Out Preventers Charging Pump Packages
  • These pumps are used to regulate drilling operations and heavy hydraulically-driven rams in hydraulic systems. They are applicable as a motor – driven power pump or a gas-driven direct-acting pump to maintain the required pressure. These motors are highly efficient with long life cycles, with a max working pressure of 3000 psi and discharge flow rates at 500 LPM.

  • Wash Water Injection
  • Wash Water Injection pumps are used for wash water injection with High Pressure Horizontal, Triplex / Quintuplex Single Acting Reciprocating Plunger Pump mechanism. They are mostly utilized in lower pressure amine absorption systems to prevent the insufficiencies of amine vapors. They offer a max working pressure at 200 Kg/cm² and discharge flow rates at 75 M³.

  • Hydro-Carbon Condensate Pumps
  • The Hydro-Carbon Condensate Pumps are manufactured for heavy duty used to collect and transport the Hydro-Carbon Condensate in the oil processing systems. They provide external pressure to inject salt water into peripheral wells in order to enhance the formation pressure, otherwise known as “water flooding.’’ These pressure pumps provide working pressure at 5000 psi and discharge flow rate at 100 LPM while working at maximum capacity.

  • Mud Plant Pump Systems
  • Used for pressurizing systems where large sums of corrosive and abrasive chemicals are abundant, which is a common occurrence in mud plants. They offer a working pressure at 50 Kg/cm² and discharge flow rate of 20500 LPM when functional at maximum capacity.

Other Pump Packages

  • Hydro Test Pumps
  • Used for a variety of pressurized pipeline applications, the Hydrostatic test pump unit offers high pressure reciprocating single acting triplex pump either piston or plunger type, with max working pressure at 1500 Kg/cm² and discharge flow rate at 400 LPM.
    They are applicable for testing valves, small vessels, to cross-country pipelines and a variety of filling and pressurized testing applications. Heavy duty, robust, high performance and energy efficient, these motors offer a range of hydrostatic test, from 5HP going up to 500 HP.

  • Hot Descaling System
  • Used in descaling bullets, bars, plates, these pump systems are used to provide descaling function in industries using metal alloys of copper, steel and aluminum. The main function is to prevent oxidation and cracking in the final product in all stages of design, manufacture, installation, and testing. The available models for descaling are; Standard High flow rate Pump Series T-12000, T-20000, T-40000 and T-60000.

  • Atomizing / Spray Drying
  • These heavy-duty pumps are used in systems for Atomizing and Spray Drying in metallurgical manufacturing processes such as gold, silver and other non-iron based metals.
    They are integrated into multi Jet washing systems for a wide range of applications in the field such as suction & discharge piping, suction tank, flexible hoses, multiple outlet spraying, etc. the flow rate and discharge pressure are respectively 200 LPM and 500 Kg/cm².

  • Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Robust and efficient, the hydraulic power pack pumps are used particularly for mining applications, using pressurizing cylinders in hydraulic press.
    The heavy duty system provides a max working pressure at 500 Kg/cm² and discharge flow rate at 200 LPM.

  • Nuclear Power Application Package
  • Nuclear power plants use high pressure pumps are utilities based on two categories;

    1. Boronated Water Pump: Applicable in plants with pressurized-water reactors.
    2. Fuelling Machine Supply Pumps: Used in Nuclear power plants with boiling water reactors.

Pump Packages for Fertilizer Industries

These heavy-duty pumps are manufactured with the standard features of reciprocating plunger pumps for transferring liquid ammonia and carbamate solutions. The design uses stainless steel to withstand the corrosive nature of these liquids. The fertilizer pumps offer a working pressure of 3000 psi and 2500 LPM flow rate at maximum pumping capacity.

Food and Chemical Processing Industry Pumps

  • Sanitary Pump
  • These industrial grade sanitary pumps are designed for easy cleaning, continuous sanitizing and meeting standard requirements of FDA approved environments. Sanitary Pumps offer low noise and vibration, with a robust structure and leak free seals to withstand cleaning with pressurized water.


    • Noise & Vibration-free
    • Compact silhouette
    • Cost efficient
    • Low maintenance
    • Long life cycle

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