Tigrip® Lifting Clamp

Tigrip® Lifting Clamp

Tigrip® Hoisting Equipment harnesses the power of modern technology to generate reliable and proven lifting equipment for industrial, trade, and service applications. These tools are integrated into load handling systems in order to reliably and safely elevate objects of up to 4500 kgs per lift. In addition, our lifting clamps can help you find safe lifting solutions for your careful operations.


Tigrip® lifting clamps have a thumb button to release pressure with minimum effort. Using this clamp in pairs, you can securely transport plates horizontally and vertically.

The lifting clamps include a range of manual and powered hoisting equipment such as a construction lift machine to safely lift and handle loads. Your clamps are always ready, so you can focus on what’s important: your projects.

The THS lifting clamp is perfect for moving and positioning heavy machines and securing heavy loads. Tigrip® THS is compatible with 4 point lifting systems; however, it is virtually unlimited in its applications within maintenance, mining, construction, steel fabrication, shipbuilding, and utility work.


Besides the hoisting application, several other features make this equipment unique. Here is what makes it stand out among the similar products in the market:

Safety Lock

This Tigrip Lifting clamp with safety lock THS will help you avoid any mishaps on the worksite because even if there is no load, it can’t open unless you disengage the lock-open feature.


For years to come, you will be able to enjoy easy maintenance or repair as well as long service life with your portable lifting device. Tigrip® Lifting clamps offer these benefits and more.

Safe Construction

Tigrip Lifting clamp with safety lock is designed and manufactured to be high-quality, with a test certificate and instructions, according to German Standards. They comply with various safety regulations, such as the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and corresponding supplements.

Performance Test Certificate

Our lifting clamps with safety locks have a high-quality standard and undergo overloading tests before leaving the factory to ensure the devices are durable.


This type of lifting equipment is crafted to allow for maximum safety for people and product lifetime. They regulate a height increase with manual controls whilst offering an immense degree of versatility to satisfy any needs.


Hoists may normally be operated at ambient temperatures between -10 °C up to + 50 °C.


  1. Resistant to shock and impact
  2. Powder painted for durability
  3. Tested and certified
  4. Weight lifting capacity 750 – 4500 kg
  5. customizable

Available Options

The available models are THS 1.5 and THS 3.0. They are customizable with a hinged hook ring on request.

A Few Safety Tips

  1. If a lifting operation is carried out with hoisting equipment, the user must be competent and trained in theory and practice.
  2. The design and construction of the hoist should not be changed in any way.
  3. They have been designed for lifting and transporting loads only; they may not be slung over edges or used for the attachment of the load.
  4. Minimal impact as occurred during lifting, lowering, and transporting load are usual and acceptable for lifting devices for heavy objects. Stronger impacts and loading shocks, however, are strictly forbidden.
  5. These types of lifting devices may not be used in the area of chemicals or chemical vapors – contact our specialists for more information.
  6. Load-carrying hoist components must not be subject to electric current.

Final Thoughts

For more information about Tigrip® Lifting clamp with safety lock or other Yale Hoisting equipment, contact us to get in touch with our field experts at RAAH International. place an order today and take advantage of our discounted prices on bulk purchases.