Pfaff Scissor Elevating Platform

Pfaff Scissor Elevating Platform

Limited access is one of the most significant challenges faced in an industrial setting, particularly as more multinationals push for healthier workplaces. The problem? Can’t pass mechanical lifts for lower-level floors, regular stairs are often a hazard with powered equipment moving heavy and potentially cumbersome loads, or using temporary ramps to cover the divide can be cost-prohibitive. This article discusses Pfaff’s range of scissor lift trucks’ best-selling, high-performance hydraulic model.


The Pfaff lifting equipment is used to independently lift and supply loads. Our scissor lift is one option that’s used for building repairs or for accessing materials at height.

It comes with a lift cylinder, pump unit, return check valve, pressure control valve, lowering valve, and descent braking valve. The platform is used in a variety of applications that range from building repairs to material accessed at height in warehouses to heavy-duty industrial applications on automotive, aerospace, and energy plants.


The hydraulic scissor lift maintains the pressure on the lift and keeps the working platform at your desired height when operating. This equipment is relatively easy to operate, and its hydraulic scissor lifts are ideal for a variety of projects at different scales.

Pfaff Scissor elevating platform comes with a hydraulic cylinder used to raise or lower the scissor lift mechanism. Used with cross-braced arms and a load-bearing platform, it raises the platform with the push of a button.


If you’re looking for a Pfaff Scissor elevating platform to trim materials or create new textures every day, then this is the ideal product. It has a hydraulic lifting system with easy foot peddle controls to raise the platform. And just press the lever to lower the platform.

It also includes an ergonomic handlebar for easy operation and an adjustable blade rake. Additionally, it comes with robust construction with hard chrome plated piston and pressure relief valve.

It also comes with an ergonomic handlebar for easy operation.

The design presents a steering roller with a brake for the safe parking of the hand stacker. Additionally, it features robust construction with hard chrome plated piston and pressure relief valve.


  1. Scissor elevating platform
  2. Mobile equipment with single scissor HX
  3. Weight capacity: 150 – 750 kg
  4. Platform height reaching max: 1000 mm

How to Use

  1. Intended use The Pfaff scissors-lift table is a mobile, manual-operated hydraulic lifting table for lifting, lowering, and transporting loads.
  2. Its use requires a level and firm floor/ground surface.
  3. The scissors-lift table with forks for the independent lifting of loads is intended for on-site transporting of unit loads, e.g., in warehouses associated with industry and delivery companies, etc.
  4. It is designed for places where short-range transporting of the loads is required because it is not suited to more generalized long distances.

Safety Tips

  1. The Pfaff Scissor Elevating Platform requires the ground to be level, firm, and flat before using.
  2. Only those with freedom of movement in the danger zone should operate these scissors platforms.
  3. The specified load capacity must not be exceeded, or else injury can result.
  4. Never leave the load unattended in a raised position.
  5. The load must be evenly distributed across the platform. The loaded material must be distributed evenly on the platform.
  6. Routine checks before each use are highly recommended. Lack of supervision can cause damage to your work or put the safety of you, the technician, and anyone around you at risk.

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