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Wastewater flows, drainage areas, wastewater leach, wind, and icing can be dangerous to electrical systems. Electric field distribution enclosures provide superior protection against such dangers. Field distribution electrical enclosures provide superior protection from such hazards.

What is Field Distribution Enclosure?

The panels that produce the electricity from the main network and deliver it to distribution points in accordance with the specifications developed by distribution companies are called field distribution electrical enclosures.

Field-distributing electrical panels can be built in a number of ways when it comes to security and protection. The differences are made within certain standards based on the electricity company’s specifications: That’s why we are here to help.


Galvanized sheets are used to make products that are painted with electrostatic paint. Electrostatic paints make the products more durable and provide better resistance to environmental factors.

Our robust field distribution panels are moisture-resistant, impact-resistant, and scratch-resistant. The Field Distribution Enclosure is used for landscape projects, available in different sizes and types for highway lighting, marinas, or rail systems.

Field Distribution Electrical Enclosure Models?

Field distribution electrical enclosures are appropriate for both internal and external uses. These enclosures are made from materials that resist fire and which are UV resistant. Field distribution electrical enclosures are where all data first comes in, from the field. At the same time, these have a bridge-like function between the control room and the substation.

These products are built to withstand the test of time. Long-lasting and durable, they can be used for years and even decades after being tested by qualifying labs. Field distribution electrical enclosures modeled according to Low Voltage Field Distribution Boxes Technical Specification have been created with high resistance against bad weather conditions.

Electrical enclosures have different color options. They are also resistant to acid and other chemicals. Electrical enclosures that are electric-proof are chemical-resistant and feature a functional design. They also do not include any moisture or other items.

Field Distribution Electrical Enclosures & Electrical System Safety

Field distribution electrical enclosures are the center where energy from the power company is distributed to the field. These centers are positioned in a sheltered way in the outer region; Electric enclosures protect certain points in the field from being hit by machines that run on electricity.

Electrical distribution enclosures can be buried underground or installed in an area exposed on the roadside. Regardless of the type of mount, they are susceptible to environmental and human hazards.

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Our engineering team carefully evaluates every design element and incorporates all specifications for size constraints as well as mounting, vibration, environmental and accessibility requirements. These are coupled with the specific electrical and mechanical requirements to design an optimal, cost effective solution. Our team can also design turnkey solutions from concept to finished product or build-to-print to satisfy specific OEM customer requirements.

When it comes to safety, we carefully evaluate every element of the design and work closely with all design specs for size constraints as well as requirements pertaining to mounting, vibration, environmental factors, and accessibility.

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We also consider client-specific requirements for electrical and mechanical features that match an individual company’s specific needs. Finally, our team can build or print turnkey solutions from concept to final product to satisfy a specific OEM customer need.

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