Electrical Insulation Mat

Electrical Insulation Mat

Rubber matting can protect workers from shocks resulting from a short circuit or other electrical leaks. In addition, rubber matting can be used to prevent electrical shock. It is typically used as insulation when operating switchboards, live LV-HV switchgear, substations, and transformer substations.


Electrical mats are necessary for workers to step on safely, and the mat helps to ensure a worker’s safety while standing near live electricity. These mats are often used in front of switchboards or electrical substations. Other electrical mats should be used in other electrical equipment like substations, generators, and switchboards. Rubber insulation is important to ensure the safety of employees working in those places because they work with live electricity.

Available Models

We offer a wide variety of electrical rubber mats to meet all your insulation requirements, such as ratings, size, and other details.

Raychem Electrical Mats

Electrical Insulation Mats can be used to line the floor for electrical purposes and are designed in a way that allows them to withstand up to 65kV AC or 240 V DC. As a result, these mats provide adequate safety support for those who work near or with high voltage of electricity. Some features of these insulation mats include: being suitable for most electrical apparatus, compliant with industry standards set for such equipment, and offering the necessary protection for workers.

  1. Electrical Insulation Mats Make Raychem
  2. Certified as IEC Approved
  3. Available in a roll of 10 meters in length

Electrical Rubber Mat

The Elecsafe AH model of insulated electric matting is designed and manufactured in accordance with IS 15652:2006 Class A. The matting can withstand a voltage of up to 11 kV. It is also 1 meter long and 5 meters wide, with 2.5 mm depth, and has high insulation that protects against electric currents.

Electrical Rubber Mat

The more resilient models of Elecsafe AH insulated electrical matting are as per IS 15652:2006 Class A. It can work withstand up to 3.3 kV of voltage and a thickness of 2MM. The insulating material covers an area of 1 meter by 5 meters and is the color blue, with one side being a checker pattern and the other side being anti-skid.

Insulating mats – CATU

These innovative insulation solutions to the problem of electrical insulation. Resicoat EL is a powder-coated protective coating for batteries and electrical components, protecting them from heat, chemicals, and moisture.

Available models of CATU Insulating Mats include:

Insulating mats Class 0

The ultimate operating voltage is 1 000 V AC to 1 500 V DC. they are designed under IEC 61111: 2009 standards for Live working tools and Insulating mats.

Insulating mats Class 2

The top operating voltage is 17 000 V AC to 25 500 V DC. they are constructed in accordance with IEC 61111: 2009 standards for safety regulations in live environments.

Insulating mats Class 3

Comes with a maximum operating voltage of 26 500 V AC to 39 750 V DC. They are constructed and tested in accordance with IEC 61111: 2009.

Insulating mats Class 4

Comes with a maximum operating voltage of 36 000 V AC to 54 000 V DC. they are designed in accordance with IEC 61111: 2009.

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