Yale Hoisting Equipment

Yale Hoisting Equipment

Yale Hoisting Equipment is solid and reliable, servicing customers across the globe. Their products can be seen in industries and services alike. Yale Materials Handling Equipment is committed to ensuring that safety measures are in place before you start work.

How to Use

Before deciding on whether a hoist is a correct product to buy, you’ll need to consider its weight capacities, how easy it’ll be to transport, and what sorts of lashing points are available.

  • Right Storage

Hoists and other lifting gears must be kept in perfect condition by checking all components for obvious deficiencies every time they are used.

  • Visual Inspection

These checks may include visual inspections, the presence of a readable identity plate, the function of the control levers (such as the break), correct attachment to the crane, and additional load-lifting devices, among others.

  • Safe Use

Yale Hoisting Equipment ensures that a safety latch is available and working effectively. The unit cannot be used again until it has been repaired following an overload of use, among other tests.

  • Correct Set-Up

Before lifting any load, make sure the weight is seated in the saddle and never attach them to the tips so that no one will be under them or by them. This rule applies to both top and bottom hooks and when lowering and lifting. The suspension hook of any equipment lifter must always be parallel to the weight center during lifting in order to keep it from hitting anything or controlling any motion.


Wide Range of Models

Yale offers a wide range of manual and powered hoisting equipment. These products provide safe lifting and handling of loads from as light as 125 kg to up to 20000 kg.


With every order, Yale enjoys a rigorous inspection process. A safety latch must be available and work effectively.


Yale Hoisting Equipment provides long-lasting equipment that’s easy to maintain and fix. Yale equipment offers different types of lifting hoists that can last over the years and won’t let you down during each operation. These durable lifting chains are inspected before hitting the floor to ensure they’re ready for action.


Yale and Pfaff-silberblau hoisting equipment products follow the world’s most robust regulations. This manufacturer is a member of OSHA, complying with national and international regulations such as the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and corresponding supplements.

High manufacturing standards

Yale Hoisting Equipment goes through a rigorous process to ensure that its devices are of a high-quality standard. Devices are subject to an overload test in the factory and provided with a manufacturing test certificate, operating instructions, and declaration of conformity.

Maintenance Advice

Check out Yale’s hoisting equipment- make sure to use it correctly to produce the highest quality.

Regular Check-Ups

To ensure the safety of your machines, regular maintenance must be performed to be on par with new standards. For any hoisting equipment, inspections need to be done according to the directions from the maker or from competent persons or specialist workshops using original spare parts.

Do Not Make Alterations

Do not change the design or components of the hoist, such as including outside supplied parts, bending, welding, grinding, disregarding safety components like locking devices, pins, safety latches, and more.

Defective Pieces Must Be Replaced

Units with obvious defects, or those subject to overload or other harmful influences, are taken out of service and may only be operated after test and repair if so required.

Follow Manual Instruction

To get the best out of each piece of equipment, use it for the exact utilitarian purpose. Read the manual thoroughly before each use to prevent mishaps.

Available Models

We offer a series of equipment for a variety of tasks. Our products include: Ratchet lever hoists, hand chain hoists, Trolleys & Trolley clamps, Rack & Pinion jacks, Electric & Pneumatic chain hoists, and more- anything from a type of hand-operated winching device, 4 point lifting systems, hoists for construction lifting equipment, to crane hoist. For a complete list of our products, get in touch today.

Here are some of our best selling ale housing equipment models:

  • PUL-LIFT C85 750
  • PUL-LIFT C85 1500
  • PUL-LIFT C85 3000
  • PUL-LIFT C85 6000
  • PUL-LIFT C85 10000
  • UNOplus 750
  • UNOplus 1500
  • UNOplus 3000
  • UNOplus 6000
  • PT 800
  • PT 1600
  • PT 3200
  • OT6300
  • YL 500
  • YL 1000
  • YL 2000
  • YL 3000
  • YL 5000
  • YL 10000
  • YL 20000

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