Reliable Industrial Electric Motors with Siemens

Siemens electric motors are manufactured to bring efficiency and reliability to an electrically supported system. By using the most recent technologies, Siemens electric motor suppliers have upgraded their designs through 150 years of relentless effort for quality perfection. Let’s have a look at the three categories of their electrical motors including both ac and dc motors.


Low Voltage Motor

Reputed as one of the most versatile low voltage motor distributors worldwide, SIMOTICS three-phase ac motors are made to cater to a variety of industrial applications. They function in a power range between 0.09 to 5300 kW.
Whether attached to SINAMICS converters or direct electrical lines, these motor electrical specifications meet the requirements of private and industrial sectors on a global scale. All these siemens ac drives can be used with an operating line or through converter regulated electricity.

  • General Purpose Motors
  • General purpose electric motor working models are designed with premium aluminum to maintain a lightweight profile and standard application in a comprehensive range of environments and tasks. Affordable, flexible while installation and use, and high quality are other highlights of these motors.

  • Severe Duty Motors
  • The Severe Duty motors are made for harsh environments, encased with a durable cast iron for the most demanding work places. The best operative temperature range is -50 °C to +60 °C.

  • Explosion Proof Motors
  • If your workplace is prone to volatile gases, dust and solid compounds, the safety explosion safety must be at the core of your industrial standards. With SIMOTICS XP explosion-proof motors, you can rest assured of spark incidents, extra heating and fail-proof performance in the most challenging environment such as oil and gas rigs.

  • SIMOTICS DP Definite Purpose motors
  • In addition to general designs, Siemens motors provide a selection of specialty motors of particular purposes such as SIMOTICS DP Definite Purpose motors used for cranes, extreme weather conditions, around centrifugal pumps, etc.

  • Non-Standard Motors
  • Compact and reliable, the non-standard motors are constructed to include a wide range of power line operation, whether direct or through converter. The operational electricity includes up to 5.3 MW in the low voltage range.

  • High Torque
  • The SIMOTICS HT Series HT-direct high-torque motors boast an innovative design, built with permanent-magnets. They offer high torque at lower speeds, which results in an increased efficiency for low speed operating mechanisms, cutting down overall costs and durability.

  • SIMOTICS low voltage NEMA motors:
  • Defined for heavy duty use, SIMOTICS NEMA motors offer impeccable design, prolonged life, rugged profile and high efficiency in low electrical voltages. They include an extensive range of electrical operations from 0.12 – 6,500 Hp (0.09 kW – 5 MW).

High Voltage Motors

These motors are engineered to address a wide range of operational utility and industrial sectors. SIMOTICS HV motors are compatible with a power range from 150 kW up to 100 MW. When it comes to speed, the spectrum ranges from 7 to 16,000 rpm, while maintaining the torques up to 40,000 kNm. Their electric motor specifications are; diversified cooling systems and explosion protection as well. All the high voltage motors manufactured by Siemens comply with IEC and NEMA standards.

  • SIMOTICS HV C air-cooled
  • SIMOTICS HV C air-cooled motor offers a minimal profile, with virtually no explosion hazards, particularly around hazardous Zones 2 and 22 (Ex ec and Ex tc). It comes with a unique cooling mechanism by air cooling, fin cooling, internal cooling and tube cooling, combined for an exceptional design. These motors also offer durability and minimum vibration while in use.

  • Water Jacket Cooled
  • The SIMOTICS HV C water-jacket-cooled motors are very small motors and with an optimized cooling mechanism. These motors are especially designed to fit in small spaces, while boasting remarkable performance and resilience against environmental conditions.

  • HV C Flameproof
  • SIMOTICS HV C flameproof motors are arranged to fit into industrial environments with scarce spaces, setting forth a compact flameproof high voltage motor. These series are built to provide impeccable safety and reliable performance when used around volatile gas explosive dust or other explosively hazardous conditions.

  • HV Series H-Compact
  • High voltage motors are encased within a rugged silhouette made from cast-iron for integration in a variety of environments. Reliability, solid design, durable profile, low-noise and vibration, and competence are the most notable motor specifications, while requiring a nominal space for installment.

Motion Control Motors

Motion control motors are constructed to suit a wide variety of synchronous and asynchronous applications with an extensive variety available. Siemens has designed all their motors for impeccable conformity with SINAMICS frequency converters.

  • Servo Motors: SIMOTICS S
  • SIMOTICS S Servomotors are integrated with interior transmitters, and a variety of cooling applications. Other features are a torque range of 0.18 to 1650 Nm, various protection classes, and in-built parking brake. They are calso compatible with a variety of DRIVE-CLiQ system interface for an exceptional user interaction experience.

  • Main Motors
  • Categorized as an asynchronous induction motor, Siemens Main Motors are built for industrial use. They present a rugged construction, compact profile, and high standards when compared to traditional variety. For a precise control over speed, the design includes incremental encoders- whether during use with or without transmitters.

  • Linear Motors
  • SIMOTIC L Linear motors are dynamic electrical motors and highlighted for their impressive force compared to size. The general features are: maximum force up to 20.700 N, over 1.200 m/min feed rates, and built-in magnetic secondary section.

  • Torque Motors
  • Performed for precise and reliable operation, Siemens Torque Motors are categorized as synchronous motors that function with a permanent magnet without the requirement for any mechanical transmitters and external instruments. They are extremely easy to install and maintain, while always presenting an impact profile for space-strained industries.

  • Spindles
  • Siemens motor spindles are innovative electrical compounds to add precision, productivity, and quality to your system. These motors are noted for their high end performance and ultra compact motor silhouette. They are used as built-in solutions which provide maximum speed and outstanding power to size ratio.

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