Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum technology is used to create a variety of applications, making it a highly relevant topic in industry and research. A continuously growing number of industry and research applications rely on vacuum technology.


We provide a range of vacuum pumps, including liquid ring pumps and compressors. Their pumps are compliant with industry standards and guarantee reliable and efficient operation.

Our vacuum pumps are versatile and durable. Different types of vacuum pumps, either bare or as part of a pre-engineered or custom system, will comply with varying standards of the industry.

Our Pumps Features

Pumps are categorized by their function. For example, gas transfer pumps have a limited gas absorption capacity and must be regenerated after certain intervals. On the other hand, gas binding or capture pumps encompass vacuum pumps but are not limited in their gas consumption.

Pumps may run continuously connected to closed containers to be emptied. They don’t run continuously at atmospheric pressure, though, so there is no filter for fumes.

High vacuum pumps work much like lubricated rotary vane pumps, while also using the lubrification oil as a sealant and ballast to avoid condensation.

Available Models


EVISA lubricated rotary vane

EVISA offers a wide range of different industrial pumps, which can pump continuously at many different pressures and can withstand high water vapor levels. These pumps are extremely durable and very quiet for day-to-day use. They are designed for light onsite repairs if necessary.

A rotary vane pump is available in ATEX and oxygen models for performance in high-pressure environments.

ROTOMIL’S lubricated rotary vane

These pumps are soundless and durable and can easily be integrated into your machine. They have a reliable pumping speed, powerful vacuum, and are easy to operate.

ROOTS / EVISA pumping assembly

The ROOTS booster / EVISA lubricated vane vacuum pump couplings combine the power of a vacuum pump and a booster pumping unit to efficiently increase the speed of the pumping, while also increasing the final pressure. In addition, the wide range of accessories lets you optimize your installation.

Evac OnlineVacVacuum generation unit

The Evac OnlineVac is a durable vacuum for sewage that will cut down on maintenance costs. This unit is specialized for macerated sewage and generates the vacuum required for the discharge process.

A food waste collection system for ships featuring the Evac OnlineVac V-model can be constructed using a special liquid-ring screw pump. This vacuum pump is created by a liquid ring pump, which uses stainless steel material. They are safe and made to last for many years. The instrument is designed to function automatically and stops when it reaches the set vacuum level.

What’s more, Evac OnlineVac units can be customized based on any specific water treatment requirements. This model is available in two different phases (V16 and V26) and a retrofit version.

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