Ingersoll Rand Pumps

Introducing Ingersoll Rand Systems & Solutions

Ingersoll Rand is a well-reputed company, manufacturing a wide assortment of industrial products. The company is known and one of the most innovative products and services evolving around air, liquid and energy units. Dating back to over a century and a half ago, experience and cutting-edge technology are put together to provide both general and specialty solutions.

Industrial Targets of Ingersoll Rand Products

Keeping sustainability to the core of their design, Ingersoll Rand targets a wide range of industrial sectors. Their products are known for excellent performance, reliability, and durability. Supplying on a global scale, here is a list of the industrial sectors IR caters to;

  1. Chemicals manufacturers- specially plastics, PET bottle and rubber processing plants
  2. Consumer goods production and packaging, including food and beverage
  3. Electronics manufacturers
  4. Automobile manufacturer and maintenance
  5. General Manufacturing factories
  6. Government and Military sectors
  7. Hydrogen production, packaging and energy plants
  8. Manufacture And processing of industrial gases
  9. Marine sectors
  10. Mining and construction sites
  11. Oil and gas companies both offshore and onshore
  12. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, and laboratories
  13. Power generation plants
  14. Sectors handling wood pulp, paper production and Printing
  15. Transportation companies
  16. Water and Wastewater Treatment

Solutions and Services of Ingersoll Rand

When it comes to products from an industrial perspective, the Ingersoll Rand air compressor company manufactures and provides maintenance services for a three sets of productions, including;

  1. Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Motor Systems
  2. Power tools
  3. Compressor lifting tool and load material handling
  4. Compressor Systems

The compressor systems are designed in a wide range to address a variety of commercial, public and industrial requirements for air compressors, whether for use in standard industrial conditions or in rugged environments. They are versatile, efficient and extremely low maintenance.
Ingersoll Rand air compressors offer a technical variety including:

  1. Single – stage reciprocating compressors
  2. Two-stage reciprocating compressors
  3. Rotary screw compressors pumps
  4. Centrifugal air compressors & pumps
  5. Oil-free and oil-flooded equipment
  6. PET compressed air solutions
  7. Process gas compressors

Each compressor is tested before released to the consumer market to guarantee OEM-quality and distributed with test certifications. Additional accessories and spare parts are also available on demand. Additional accessories consist of Air compressor dryers, filter and automation accessories.

Power Tools

Offering a wide range of premium quality products, Ingersoll Rand powers tools are designed to withstand the toughest work environment and most challenging tasks. The Power Tools are used as assembly equipment, industrial tools, cordless tools and any machinery requirement for service stations, etc. These tools are classified in the following categories;

Bolting: impact wrench, ratchets wrenches and cordless tools.
Assembly Solutions: DC electric fastening systems, cordless precision fastening system, drills, pulse tools, screwdriver, nut runner, riveting tool, torque multiplier, and calibration equipment.
Surface Preparation: Sanders, grinders, cutting tool, needles, and hammers.
Applied Power: barring motors, air motors, and air starters, diggers, jackhammers, rock drills, large drills, pavement breakers, rivet busters, and spike drivers.
EDGE Series: air drills, hammers, sprayers, saws, grinders, wrenches, etc.

Lifting and material Handling

Offering a wide range of lifting solutions, Ingersoll Rand presents a series of standard and heavy-duty products for safe and efficient listing and suspended load handling tasks. Lifting systems include these categories.


Designed for precision and remarkable balance, these hottest are tenacious and reliable for handling load by both manual and mechanical mechanisms. The lifting capacity includes 125kg up to 100 tons. When it comes to variety, there are several hoisting options, such as chain hoists, ratchet pullers, hydraulic hoists, lever and Ultra-Lo hoists.


Offering a wide range of functional units for maneuvering heavy objects mechanically, all the Winches are crafted from robust cast iron combined with industrial grade steel. Ingersoll Rand provides reliable and high performing winches, specialized in an array of heavy duty industries, such as mining, offshore sectors, and construction sites.

Bop Handling System

Designed particularly for oil companies and offshore, Ingersoll Rand BOP Handling Systems are combined to offer impeccable precision and safety by incorporating high performing Blowout Preventers. These systems function with air and hydraulic support mechanisms. All the BOP products are in compliance with ISO9001 certifications.


Designed for any industries that require lifting, maneuvering and positioning of suspense loads, Balancers offer precision and exceptional control during the load handling during manual operation. This innovative design is highly convenient, covering a weight capacity of 50 to 2000 lb, 22 to 909 kg. These systems include air compressor and air tools, electric and mechanical varieties.

Handling Devices and End Effectors

Available in both standard and custom varieties, Ingersoll Rand handling devices and lift assistance equipment offer a wide range of specialized equipment to carry out basic to complicated tasks effortlessly. These series include lift tubes, vacuum pumps, clamps, centrifugal devices, etc

Support Structures

Encompassing five enclosed rail profiles, the support structure series are designed with lightweight aluminum and robust steel. The enclosed rail construction helps eliminate defects, such as accumulation of dirt on the inside, to ensure optimum function, and enhances the rolling function.
Besides the standard constructions, Ingersoll Rand offers customized design to match the requirements of the customers based on workplace, functions, space efficiency, installation modes, etc.


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