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Desalination Plant

Sasakura is an internationally reputed manufacturer and distributor of components and engines for desalination plants, covering over 10 percent of the installed capacity of these stations worldwide. They cater to the following applications in the turnkey projects related to desalination process;

  • Components for land based municipal plants
  • plants for construction and hotel use
  • marine and offshore units
  • manufacturing boiler feed and process water
  • electricity generation units
  • water-makers for fishing vessel, etc



These desalination plants are integrated with power generations and the most popular variety, featuring multi-stage and flash-type plants and a capacity of 23,000 ton/day x 6 units = total 138,000 ton/day.


The RH plant offers an ideal sea water desalination process with the high GOR by “re- heating” the vapour produced in the lower temperatures. It features 6,819 ton/day x 5 units = total 34,099 ton/day using highly efficient electric power consumption.


Vacuum Vapour Compression Distiller provides an increase in the temperature of the vapour with effective recycling in the condensation process and 206 ton/day x 7 units = total 1,442 ton/day.


Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants are designed to produce fresh water with a semi-permeable membranes. They are the most economic and energy saving plant, featuring a capacity of 46,000 ton/day 1984 and 14,400 ton/day.

Fresh water generators

  • Heat Based systems
  • Plate Type Fresh Water Generator (EX-Series)

    The”EX-Series” are designed with a plate-type heat exchanger to generate fresh water. They are compact, easily installed and require a short time to provide results. They present a capacity of 20 to 45 t/d of fresh water by using heat.

    Fresh Water Generator series X

    They are the most common favorite for energy-saving qualities and compatibility with diesel-driven ships. The generation capacity is 5~100 tons per day using a steam injector.

    Double Effect Fresh Water Generator series WX

    Series WX are highly efficient and robust, requiring lower temperature to obtain excellent results, consuming half of the energy required by previous models. The capacity per day is 20-40 tons.

  • Using hot water/steam
  • Double/Triple-Effect Low Pressure Submerged Tube-Type Distilling Plant

    The Double-Effect plant requires little space, while offering high efficiency both in energy consumption and water generation quantities. It comes with innovative chambers with 1st and 2nd effects in a single shell. They drive heat from the diesel engine’s cooling systems, with a capacity of 40 to 200 tons per day.

    Two-Stage Flash-Type Distilling Plant (F-DP) & Low-Pressure Submerged Tube-Type Distilling Plant (V-DP)

    Used commonly in steam turbine engine ships, these distilling plants provide fresh water, utilize low pressure to generate and hence are highly energy efficient. They process fresh water by using a steam condensation mechanism.

    Multi-Stage Flash-Type Distilling Plant

    This multi stage plant functions on a flash type system and low-pressure steam to provide heat and condensation of the freshwater. It can produce 100~1000 tons per day and is often utilized in ships that require large amounts of fresh water.

  • Using electricity
  • Model VVCC

    These highly efficient pumps use mechanical vapor compressors in its design. By producing vapour, these heat pumps supply the required temperature by condensation of vapor. They are used in hydraulic systems that call for heavy duty use and large-scale concentration treatment, with precise boiling point escalation of 4°C.
    These pumps stand out in the market for their low maintenance and reducing costs, efficiency of workflow and high performance. You can now recycle evaporation energy by integrating Model VVCC into your system


    • Recovery of TMAH in the cation exchange and elution steps
    • Recovery of Iodine as Iodide salt from waste Iodide solutions
    • Water recovery by condensation of water contained in fog
    • Treatment of Wastewater with High Inorganic salts content including Sodium Sulfates,
    • Boron, Copper Sulphate, etc
    • Management of landfill leachate and its treatment
    • Wastewater treatment of water-soluble cutting oil, Ink, etc
    • Treatment of wastewater of organic micro organisms, including Yeast.

    Model RHC

    The Model RHC are manufactured to re-compress the vapor and use it as a heating source. The design includes a steam driven Thermo-compressor to carry out the process efficiently and at low costs. These series are highlighted for their low energy consumption, the functional ability of a 2.5 effects device while only using an efficient single effect mechanism. You can use this model in your system, instead of a multi-effect pump, while lowering your overall costs and increasing the systematic efficiency.


    • Wastewater treatment for alkaline cleaning, acid pickling, plating, and rinsing
    • Removal of inorganic salts from wastewater before disposal, including Sodium Sulphate,
    • Boron, Iodine, etc.
    • Recovery of reusable chemicals from wastewater systems such as Hydrochloric Acid
    • Physicochemical treatment of landfill leachate
    • Recover, purify, and regenerate of TMAH solutions
    • Treatment and removal of water-soluble cutting oil in wastewater
    • Regeneration of water by using vapor condensation

    Model STC

    Also known as Multi-Stage Flash-Type Distilling Plant, this model is designed with the main purpose of reducing overall costs by increasing the energy consumption efficiency and performance in steam management systems. They are used in factories that require low grade waste steam crystallization and evaporation with a single effect, while delivering high-quality performance to a multi-effect model.


    • Recovery of inorganic acids such as Hydrofluoric Acid, Nitric Acid and Phosphoric Acid
    • Regeneration and recovery of clean water from waste systems
    • Recovery of inorganic salts including Sodium Hydroxide, Lye, Iodine, etc
    • Recovery of TMAH
    • Treatment of wastewater from metals

    F Series(Model VVCC / RHC / STC)


    When advanced concentration of liquids are required, RHC Concentrators present a great choice. They are designed with 3 flash evaporation mechanisms to combat debris accumulation and sedimentation wastewater systems. They are used as crystallizers to manage both interior or external surfaces of the heat exchanger tubes, responsible for wastewater management.
    They are suitable for thin liquids, those containing solid particles as well as highly viscous liquids. You can use a VVCC Concentrator or an RHC concentrator accordingly. Contact us for assessment of the perfect concentrator for your system or if a Thermo-compressor is required to reduce the overall costs.


    • Management and treatment of wastewaters with water-soluble impurities including cutting oil
    • Recovery of reusable inorganic acids such as Phosphoric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, etc
    • Management of insoluble impurities such as solvents
    • Treatment of coolant wastewater
    • TMAH recovery
    • Recovery of Inorganic salts such as Sodium Hydroxide, Iodine, etc.
    • Management and treatment of salt wastewater

    Model RVCC

    These series use a positive displacement lobe pump, otherwise known as roots-type heat pump, to increase the compression efficiency. They are functional with flash evaporator systems. They can be used for thin wastewater liquids, highly concentrated impurities and extremely viscous liquids. This model is also manufactured with maximum efficiency when it comes to energy consumption and accommodates numerous wastewater management systems and liquid types. If you are looking for optimal vapor compression, the integrated roots pump can provide a compassion reaching up to 20°C


    • Handling and management of salt production systems
    • Treatment of numerous wastewater systems, including rinsing, abrasion, coating, and water soluble cutting oil
    • Treatment of Chemical Mechanical Polishing wastewater
    • Regeneration of water in different systems, such as ion-exchange resin
    • Recovery of inorganic salts including Sodium Sulfate


    By using a crystal precipitation mechanism, this model engages flash evaporation concentration. The system uses an ejector or a positive displacement lobe pump (root pump) to enhance the energy consumption efficiency significantly. By incorporating these all-in-one concentrators, you may not need to worry about seed crystal replacements, issues with separators, etc.
    Long life cycle, low costs of running and high performance are the highlight features of this model, along with anti abrasion proprieties, anticlogging pipe system.


    • Used as zero liquid discharge concentrators
    • Recovery and desulfurization of wastewater
    • Regeneration and recovery of inorganic salts such as Ammonium Chloride, Sodium
    • Chloride, Copper Sulfate, Nickel Sulfate, Ceric Ammonium Nitrate and Glycerol
    • Recovery of inorganic acid for reuse such as Boric Acid

    Solvent Recovery System

    If your system requires an effective mechanism for recovering and treatment of organic solvents and organisms from wastewater, our Solvent Recovery System offers a comprehensive solution. It uses high boiling points for recycling organic compounds that are reusable. In order to increase efficiency, the system incor[orate lower boiling points, which are more energy efficient and higher concentration to run the distillation process. In addition to cutting down energy consumption, our recovery system offers a premium end result with high quality distilled water.


    • Recovery of high boiling organic solvent such as Acetone, Acetic Acid, Acetonitrile
    • Recovery and regeneration of low boiling point solvent, including; NMP, DMSO, DMAC, MEA, GBL, NH3 etc.

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