Chart Recorders

Chart Recorders

Data can be plotted through the use of chart recorders or strip charts. Chart recorders are commonly used when measuring temperature or humidity, while other instruments like chromatography or spectroscopy often require the use of strips.

The Variety of Chart Formats

Chart recorders typically output data in a common format, including circular charts, x-y plotter charts, strip charts, and paperless or video graphing.

Circular charts

Circular charts rotate uniformly, and variables are plotted radially. Advantages to this type of graph include relatively compact size and ease of operation.

X-Y plotter charts

X and Y charts are used to plot data points that have been input for two selectable variables. Sometimes those data points can include mathematical equations based off of the inputted data.

Strip charts

Strip charts plot variables on a timeline. One paper strip advances through the plotter, producing data records of measured parameters. The paper strips are very space efficient and can roll off of large reels.

Paperless or video graphing recorders

Paperless or video graphing recorders display data in a digital format. They can vary in display options, or they can be set up to show different types of graphs. You can also change how the graph scales and what math functions are being used.


Chart recorder instruments are used in various processes to record various signals. The most traditional type of chart recorder records data on a piece of paper, which is passed under a pen so as to capture the data.

Top Features

There are several different types of data recorders. Analog chart recorders, PC-based functions, and Data loggers hybridize to create a new format of the recorder.

Available Models

Dickson Chart Recorders

Dickson Chart Recorders are free-standing or wall-mountable and provide sensitive measurements for environmental monitoring.

Dickson chart recorders offer versatile monitoring for your needs. These units record with bi-metal sensors or replaceable sensors, and you can set the ranges and recording times to match your application’s needs. The Dickson chart recorder is durable and portable, so you can position it anywhere.

Features Dickson Chart Recorders

For a customized, portable monitor, place a Dickson Chart Recorder anywhere. They measure temperature, humidity, or pressure and can be free-standing or wall-mounted.

With our bi-metal and Replaceable Sensor, you have the choice of a time range for your measurements, with both free-standing and wall-mountable options. All our devices are robust enough for harsh environments.

Dwyer Chart Recorders

Dwyer sells a variety of products and supplies, including alarm switches modules, chart recorders, current and particulate transformers/switches, data loggers, fan speed controllers, intrinsically safe barriers, indicating annunciators, motion/safety switches, power supplies, and transformers, relays, signal conditioners/converters, SSR monitors.

Extech Chart Recorders

Chart recorders keep an accurate record of readings and can be exported to a PC for the past or future study of your measurements. They also have digital and graphical displays in one device to show humidity and temperature changes in relative form. In addition, you can plot different measurements on the same graph, such as barometric pressure.

Features of Extech Chart Recorders

With this recorder, the user can set alarms with limits for the humidity or temperature. It also can do calculations for two values: Wet Bulb and Grains per Pound(GPP).

These products come with a detachable sensor probe, cables to connect it to your PC and universal adapter, and three batteries. It has compatible software and is compatible with Windows machines.

Monarch Chart Recorders

If you want to collect data while working hands-free, then you might want the Monarch DataChart. The touch screen is high contrast and color and one can annotate directly on the screen itself. It’s also easy to interpret the data afterward because of this charting system.

Monarch Chart Recorders Features

There are several available models. For instance, the DataChart 6000 has a Part 11 option and features an IP65 NEMA4 compliant design. DataChart 6000 also allows you to track how data changes from one day to the other. The software is accessible and free to download.

You can connect your device for testing or other purposes using the universal input, whether it provides 6 or 12 inputs. In addition, with up to 4 pulse/frequency inputs.

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