Intrinsically Safe Moisture Analyzer

Intrinsically Safe Moisture Analyzer

A 2-part enclosure facilitates installation in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry with E+E humidity sensor technology providing reliable, long-lasting measurements.

This measurement device can measure humidity and temperature. It also calculates parameters such as dew-point, wet bulb, and absolute humidity.

Typical applications

Usually, protection from explosions has been done in two ways: encased within an EXPLOSION PROOF enclosure or by pressurized or purging. Intrinsically safe apparatus cannot replace these methods in all applications, but it could be a great way to save costs for equipment installations and maintenance. The most basic design of an intrinsically safe barrier uses Zener Diodes to limit voltage, resistors to limit current, and a fuse.

  1. Chemical organization
  2. Pharmaceutical organization
  3. Painting
  4. Explosion hazard storage spaces
  5. Power organization
  6. Grain mills
  7. Oil and gas platforms
  8. Moisture in oil measurement

Intrinsically Safe Test Equipment Models

We have decades of experience in measuring moisture in a variety of mediums and can provide a solution for your needs. We will select the appropriate technology to meet your company’s specifications.

Trace Moisture Analyzers

Panametrics offers a range of atmospheric moisture analyzers for different purposes. They come in two varieties, intrinsically safe and explosion-proof, to be used in different environments.

Moisture Analyzer

Panametrics creates moisture analysis systems that can help you monitor the quality of your air.

With our moisture measurement solutions, you can accurately measure the amount of water in any application. Our products have been used in various industries such as petrochemical, natural gas, industrial gas and more.

These measurement systems are reliable at their core and are backed by decades of experience. Our global application engineering team is ready to select the appropriate technology and product configuration to meet your specific moisture measurement needs, so you can be confident in the accuracy of your measurements.

Moisture in oil measurement

This equipment is also used to measure the moisture content in oil by an analogous method. Using this device, the moisture content can be measured in absolute values as ppm or relative values as activity [aw]. Typically, it is used in systems for cleaning and drying oil or monitoring lubrication and gear oils on platforms.


Intrinsically safe equipment means that equipment will be unable to ignite atmospheric gases. Indicators of this include inadequate power, and equipment incapable of igniting a specified hazardous mixture in its most easily ignited concentration.

To generate a fire or an explosion, one needs fuel, oxygen, and some form of ignition. An intrinsically safe system has the goal of preventing those conditions without reducing functionality. Intrinsic safety (IS) is an approach to design that supplies only sufficient energy as not to cause ignition by limiting sparks and keeping temperatures low.

You can either put equipment in a container that doesn’t allow oxygen or take it outside of the hazardous area. The alternative to designing emergency systems is the process of oxygen exclusion or isolating possible ignition sources. This can be done either by putting equipment in enclosures strong enough to contain an explosion or by moving it outside the hazardous area.


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