Comprehensive List of ABB Motors

ABB motors provide the perfect motor for every powered application, while guaranteeing reliability, premium operation and durability by incorporating the most recent technologies. In addition to specified applications for enhanced performance, each motor can withstand the most demanding environment for heavy duty use.


High voltage induction motors

high voltage modular induction motors

ABB’s high voltage modular induction motors are designed with a robust structure for heavy load handling and heavy duty use, with high performance and an increased productivity.

High voltage rib cooled motors NXR, HXR and AXR

Combining compact size, with high power and improved performance, these motors are multipurpose power generators which also are configured for particular applications. They can be used with diverse speed drives, while offering great authority of function and utility precision.

Slip-ring modular motors

These motors are designed for increased torque with low starting voltage, which are nominated for heavy load applications such as mill drives and far-flung work sites where the current network is considered weak.
All our slip-ring motors present a strong construction, with prize winning ventilation technology for guaranteed efficiency. NMK slip-ring motors are available in 400, 450, 500, 560, 630 and 710 frame sizes with output power of up to 10,000 kilowatts (kW).

IEC low voltage motors

The IEC low voltage motors are designed for specific purposes to cater to the following sectors:

  • Process performance motors
  • any application requiring the use of efficient and resilient motor solutions. Their engineering features: Induction standards, synchronous system and permanent magnet and water-cooled ribs

  • General performance motors
  • Simple and effective design with multipurpose use and adjustable with a wide range of modification possibilities.

  • Motors for explosive atmosphere
  • these motors are flameproof, and designed for increased safety. They also exhibit a seal frame to prevent dust ignition.

  • Brake motors
  • Brake motors are used wherever instantaneous stopping of the driven load is in question and vital to the system by precisely shutting down the power of the motor.

  • High dynamic performance (HDP) motors
  • HDP series have been tailored for applications in harsh operating conditions and can be used solely with a frequency converter. The utility instances are plastic extrusion, injection molding, lifting, Conveyors, and more.

  • IEC Food safe motors
  • made from stainless steel and complete sealing. These motors are easy to wash and clean. They are suitable for any consumable product and can be sanitized according to regulation of the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Smoke extraction motors
  • these motors are designed to provide ventilation in tunnels, with reliable performance in mining sectors, and worksites with toxic fumes and smoke.

  • Cement and mining motors
  • according to application, these motors tolerate the most demanding atmospheres available for heavy load and flame proof applications.

  • Food and beverage motors
  • most motors used around food industries are low voltage motors and easy to clean in order to maintain sanitary condition and food safety.

  • E-mobility motors
  • these motors are standardized for the e-Drivetrain motor platform using the most recent technology portfolio for enhanced performance and reliability.

  • Motors for heavy electric vehicles
  • Offering a resilient structure to withstand heavy load application, these motors are designed for demanding electrical use such as cooling towers, large machinery, industrial centrifuges, handling equipment, forestry segment, Trucks Airport, etc.

  • VAC IEC low voltage motors for HVAC industry
  • HVAC Motors are built to provide a solution to HVAC applications available for both industrial designs and commercial applications.

  • Marine ABB low voltage motors
  • These motors are especially fashioned for ships and all other marine sectors, such as hydraulic pumps and fans compressors, in and around shipyards.

  • Metals Roller table motors
  • Roller tables integrated a few motors, with easy control over the speed by using frequency converters.

  • Rail Traction motors
  • These motors are customizable for each geographical location and customer demands, while keeping reliability and durability at the core of their designs.

  • Water and wastewater motors
  • versatile motors for any pump application, compressor systems, or fan towers in both water and waste sectors.

    Motors and generators for explosive atmospheres

    Standard flameproof motors guarantee workplace safety when combustible materials are in question. All our explosion proof motors are compact, with high performance and durability. The available models include;

    • IEC motors
    • Dust ignition proof motors
    • Flameproof motors
    • Increased safety motors
    • Non-sparking motors
    • Pressurized motors and generators

    NEMA motors

    Explosion proof motors

    This line of explosion proof motors is devised specially for compliance with North American standards for electrical motors, and available as both stepper motors and brushless DC motors. While offering safety and reliability in potentially flammable environments, they match all the safety required by the local authorities- not only in North America, but most of the world.

    NEMA Low voltage motors
    AC servo motors

    AC servo motors are vigorous motors with a compact slaughter, designed for a long life cycle, reliable application and efficient performance. If you want to increase productivity in your workplace while managing energy consumption, NEMA servo motors offer an optimum choice.

    Definite purpose motors

    The Definite Purpose motors are versatile in compatibility to a wide range of injuries and applications. They include the following categories.

    • Ammonia refrigeration compressor motors
    • Two-speed motors
    • Pressure washer motors
    • U-Frame motors and Automotive motors

    Farm duty motors

    Farms are exposed to contamination, harsh environment, fine dust, moisture and other environmental elements. These motors meet the requirements for a wide range of agricultural demands, including grain filtration, irrigation tower, instant reversing application and more. Their designs encompass several designs that are compatible with one phase or three phase. For higher load utility and boosted torque, they come with TEFC and ODP construction.

    HVAC motors

    Tailored for the most challenging atmosphere and HVAC applications, these motors are enriched with an integrated internal shaft grounding system. They are mostly utilized as condenser motors, fanning applications, air flow towers, etc. If you have any specified required, contact our experts to place an order for customized HVAC motors.

    Explosion Proof motors

    Baldor-Reliance explosion-proof motors offer a reliable solution to Class I and Class II hazardous locations when working with potentially flammable material, or in direct touch with combustible gas, liquid and dust.

    NEMA General purpose motors

    Open Drip-proof and TEFC motors are operational with both single and three phases. They are available in sizes from 0.06–1119 kW (1/12 - 1500 HP), built for multi purpose application.

    Pump motors

    Designed for a versatile use when pumping application is in demand, ABB’s pump line of motors is adaptable with both single or three phase energy sources. They are offered in diverse categories, encompassing; jet pump motors, square flange motors, close-coupled pump motors, and P-Base vertical solid shaft pump motors.

    Severe duty motors

    Any severe environment that requires reliable and resistant power generating motors can benefit from integrating Severe Duty Motor into their systems. These editions include 0.75 to 600 kW (800 HP).

    Unit handling motors

    Motors designed for Unit Handling applications are another one of Baldor’s multifunctional power generators used in machine tools, elevators, factories, and several other sectors.

    Washdown motors

    Made from resilient stainless steel, the wash-down motors are designed to cater to any industrial sector that requires constant cleaning, disinfection and moisture/chemical exposure. Utilities include; food industries, pharmaceutical productions, and any location that is exposed to pressure wash down on a constant basis.

    Variable Speed AC Motors

    A prizewinning motor, Baldor-Reliance® variable speed motors are particularly engineered for variable speed and line control. They are constructed with a robust silhouette made with square shaped laminated frames. Whether used for NEMA and IEC designs, they provide constant torque in all ranges of operating speed according to the motor type.

    Synchronous motors

    ABB synchronous motors are made to resist the harshest industrial environments, whether in marines, offshore, onshore, mining stations and other demanding locations.
    When using an ABB synchronous motor, you can rely on its performance and long-lasting application while keeping the initial costs, power consumption and maintenance expenses minimum. They are offered for the following applications:

    • Water and wastewater applications
    • Pulp and paper applications
    • Oil and gas applications
    • Metals applications
    • Mining applications
    • Marine applications
    • Chemical and air separation applications
    • General purpose applications

    Synchronous condensers for power grid stability

    These motors offer grid support for short circuit, inertia or reactive energy sources. These characteristics make the ABB synchronous motors a top choice for renewable energy systems. In essence, these motors are compact, offering instantaneous solutions for standard 5-80 MVar modules, up to 350 MVar.

    Traction motors and generators

    ABB traction motors and generators are particularly constructed for trains, whether as a motor or generator. These series offer comprehensive traction with a wide range of application and power requirements. Efficiency in performance and energy saving is among the top features of traction motors for trains, offering premium quality service while keeping the consumption low.

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