Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks

A pallet truck is a truck used to move and transport pallets. Once slotted underneath the pallet, the truck can be moved up or down by pumping its handle.

A pallet truck, also known as a wheeled trolley, can be used to lift and transport pallets. When using the tapered forks, they slot underneath the pallet, and when pumped, it is effortless to raise and lower the load.

Why Do You Need to Use Pallet Trucks?

We offer our customers a range of pallet trucks that can be used for all palletized goods operations. Manual models are more compact and economical, while electric models transmit up to 220 volts and have automatic controls.

Pallet trucks are a solution to pallets, but they come with different levels of use. Manual or fully electronic models can be selected, so you have the choice. The platform and wheels will be a deciding factor as well.


  1. Pallet trucks are mainly used in warehouses to move pallets from one area to another. However, they can also lift multiple pallets at the same time, and they are able to do so safely because they are operated with safety belts, which the driver must wear.
  2. Industries can target solutions for specific tasks in order to standardize their trucks. For instance, you could have a truck that weighs the pallets with load-cells built-in or one to snag pallets during goods commissioning.
  3. Targeted pallet solutions allow adding specific functions to the machines, assuring standardized pallet trucks for specific intended uses, such as pallet trucks with built-in load weighing system, pallet trucks for goods commissioning, pallet trucks with the additional lifting of the forks, and pallet trucks to specifically handle ” pallets.”


We deliver heavy-duty and maneuverable pallet truck models for all your needs. These trucks are made with durable metal to withstand all jobs, from tough, to light-duty – or for disconnecting floors. You can easily access the battery by lifting the cover, making it easier to charge and check the battery levels.


  1. Pallet trucks can provide efficient storage – When a storage pallet is placed next to one another, it can stack, which saves space and time when loading into a delivery vehicle.
  2. Having a durable construction for maximum durability – Pallets are made of durable plastic to withstand wear and tear over time. Plastic pallets can also be recycled for decades.
  3. You can avoid load instability by using a Pallet Truck – Pallets are securely aligned and stacked when CooLift is raised, which prevents them from moving during transport.
  4. Highly functional design from Pallet Trucks – The stretch wrap hook is used to maintain order and secure your shipment. It features several ergonomic handles to make handling easier.
  5. Quick and easy load handling – All you have to do is attach the base board and your signage; Simply drop the pre-built pallet, remove the stretch wrap and attach the base wrap and signage.
  6. Pallet truck construction for increased productivity – Many warehouses are now integrating pallets into their automation systems. Workers can also load and unload multiple pallets at a time.

Choosing the Right Pallet Truck For Your Business

We offer several models of pallet trucks. To pick the perfect pallet truck for your needs, you need to consider factors such as:

  1. The simple tasks you can perform on a pallet truck
  2. The various options for pallet trucks
  3. The ability to move the most weight
  4. How high you want to lift your load with maximum safety
  5. Determining different height levels on the forks may be better suited for different purposes

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