Machinery Movers

Machinery Movers

Hilman provides dependable heavy-load moving solutions for a variety of applications. Their products are known for their quality, flexibility, and durability. Made in the USA, all our equipment is highly regarded for its design and dependability.

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Hilman Rollers require low maintenance and are relatively clean working pieces of industrial machinery. They use concentric ground steel to create a continuously moving chain surrounding a hardened steel plate, providing the load-bearing function.

The multi-rolled design is designed to accommodate any extraneous issues that may arise from roller breaking. With the wide footprint, operations can proceed uninterrupted.

The chain of hardened steel rolls offers low friction if the chain is aligned. To ensure long-lasting quality for your chain, this must be even.

By combining the hard steel load plate and a group of concentric classes, hardened steel rolls offer the ultimate in low friction. You need an evenly centered surface with a smooth, level, and debris-free surface.


These dollies can shift and move heavy weights with a wheel and axle design. Higher capacity also makes them a popular buy in warehouses and retail stores.

Many comps buy options for their wheels that are non-marking, specific to floor surfaces. Polyurethane and nylon are two such options.

Polyurethane and Nylon wheels are non-marking, so they can be used on a variety of surfaces.


Hilman Hydraulic Toe Jacks can get you under equipment and allow buyers to lift equipment without any lifting points. Hilman’s Hydraulic Toe Jacks are easy to use, have sturdy steel construction, and have a lifetime warranty.

Our Heavy Duty Machine Toe Jacks can lift equipment with just over 1″ of ground clearance. The ASME B30.1 Toe Jacks feature pressure valves to prevent overloading and are compliant with industry guidelines. Furthermore, the 5 and 10 models can operate in both vertical and horizontal positions, maneuvering into tight spaces.

To make it easier and safer to move it, the jack comes with an external hose coupler that you can use to attach an outside pump.


The power system can provide you with less effort and faster movement in heavy movement, minimizing the effects on your operation.

Powered Systems allow you to move heavy objects in tight places and can be used in areas where it is difficult or impossible to use a forklift. Powered Systems provide smoothly continuous power to navigate corners non-stop and with maximum control.

With their lightweight and easy-to-use construction, our Traksporter and TK-EVO need less equipment, which reduces the overall cost of job sites and minimizes the amount of material transportation required.

There are some power systems that have no cord and emit no exhaust fumes. Great for use in a clean room, tunnel, or wherever there is a concern with the release of emissions.


Hilman is a company that will modify its products to fit your need. They can also create custom solutions for your business.

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