Hydraulic Crane Trolley

Stationary and Mobile Hydraulic Cranes

Hydraulic cranes can generate an incredible amount of power, letting them not only operate more nimbly than conventional cranes but also don’t require cumbersome pulleys and gears.

We offer a wide variety of stationary hydraulic cranes as well as mobile hydraulic cranes. Download our catalog to find the model that suits your exact needs.


These cranes are often used in categories outside of architecture. When transferring them to new locations, they can move anything, such as vehicles, shipping containers, and large animals.

Hydraulic cranes are often used in:

  1. Transport and cargo stations
  2. Airports
  3. Railways
  4. Stadiums
  5. Hotels
  6. Factories
  7. Apartment complexes
  8. Malls, etc.

How do hydraulic cranes work?

Hydraulic truck cranes use a tight network of pipes that can provide constant pressure and allow for quick movement. The hydraulic system lifts objects using pressurized oil and can easily handle large loads.

Cranes are able to lift thousands of pounds by using the simple concept of transmitting forces from point to point through a fluid. The standard for mobile cranes, the strength to produce the pressure is usually provided by liquid.

Available Models:

1. Hydraulic Floor Cranes

Hydraulic floor cranes can lift and handle heavier loads, including machinery and heavy items than other, smaller types of cranes. Hydraulics-powered systems are necessary for these cranes to work.

Hydraulic Floor Cranes Features

Heavy-duty, rugged construction that is built to last. They are easy to use, the front wheels are fixed, and the rear wheels have 360 degrees of movement for better mobility. They are used to raise, lower, and carry heavy items with little effort. These hydraulic cranes are ideal for a number of equipment applications.

  1. Compatible for use with engines, compressors, and transmissions.
  2. Extendable for greater reach.
  3. Comes with swivel casters for better maneuvering in compact spaces.
  4. Simple and easy to maintain

2. Hydraulic floor Mobile Crane

These lifting units are built for a variety of lifting functions. The telescopic boom that can reach multiple heights and loads is raised and lowered by a hand pump. They have a high-capacity hydraulic cylinder that makes lifts faster and stronger and has an angled load coated to resist damage when brought up at an angle. This unit includes two rigid wheels as well as two swivel caster wheels, so it’s easy to transport around. The steel construction is heavy-duty and painted to maintain the product’s aesthetic integrity.

Features of Hydraulic floor Mobile Crane
  1. Made for heavy-duty lifting, loading, and positioning.
  2. Rugged construction
  3. Dependable and long-lasting use.
  4. Available capacity: From 500 Kgs to 3000 Kgs.
  5. Lightweight compared to larger cranes
  6. Adaptable and versatile
  7. Portable and convenient
  8. Compact compared to stationary cranes

Why do you need a hydraulic crane?

Hydraulic floor cranes are heavy equipment used for lifting, and they provide an efficient low-cost alternative to other material handling equipment, like forklifts. These cranes are strong, robust, and built to very high standards.

Setting up a hydraulic truck crane takes less time because the operator just has to get it to the site and extend outriggers.

Once you drive the crane to the site, extend outriggers, and get the boom ready for work, your crew can start earlier and get more done each day.

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Hydraulic truck cranes are capable of lifting heavy loads with minimal effort. They’re a construction staple that can expedite your next job site. If you’re looking for hydraulic truck crane rentals, get in touch with our experts at RAAH International today. Order now and take advantage of our discounted prices.