Precision Lathe Machine

Precision Lathe Machine

A lathe is a machine that makes intricate products from just one piece of material. A precision lathe automates this process, capable of turning solid material into intricate shapes. Precision lathes use a single piece of material to create complicated shapes with more detail than what a human can achieve.


Automated weld lathes can be used to create weld seams for both small and large applications. As a result, the Bancroft Engineering Company builds precise lathes that are used in the manufacturing process.

Whether you have large parts or small, precision components, our wide spectrum of lathe configurations can be used to meet your needs. Bancroft Engineering builds standard and customized weld lathes for a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  1. Automotive parts, including exhaust, wheels, suspension, torque converters, etc.
  2. Hydraulic systems across industries
  3. Systems including pressure vessels and tanks
  4. Construction works and systems
  5. Military
  6. Marine sites
  7. Metal fabricators and more.

Available Models

Precision Lathe machines are used for making weld production parts. Depending on your needs, Lathes can be aligned in different orientations, such as vertical and horizontal.

Model 605

The fully functional 605 model welder is a budget-friendly alternative. The system achieves high-quality output with the least amount of labor costs. It comes with the following features:

  1. Accurate machine bed
  2. Comes with digital controls
  3. The maximum load capacity of 500 lb
  4. Designed with auto cycle operation
  5. Comes with 400 lb camping force at 80 PSIG

This design allows for high-quality output, as well as maximum production rates with minimal labor costs.

Model 1210

If you want to make quality welds, you’ll need a powerful welder with simplified controls. This welding lathe is powerful and designed for straightforward setups. It offers more consistency and repeatability than less controlled methods. It presents the following features:

  1. A high-precision machine bed
  2. Comes with digital controls
  3. the maximum load capacity is 1000 lb
  4. It comes with auto cycle operation
  5. It features 650 lb clamping force at 80 PSIG

Synchronized Drive Lathe

Our automated lathe machines can join two or more components with a radial orientation and are known for both speed and quality – with a quick look at features.

With a powerful synchronous drive, you can create welded components that are ready to be mass-produced.

Customizable Lathe models

Custom welding machines for any need. Our specialized engineers and technicians create custom weld lathes that meet your needs.

If you are looking for something specific, you can order a custom weld lathe machine for whatever your welding needs are.

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