Hydraulic steel worker

Hydraulic Steelworker Machines

Our hydraulic steelworker machines cut metal and metal parts to the desired shape. They punch and shear just as well so that metalworkers can create unique objects with little energy or maintenance. Check all our models and their features and advantages below.


This machine uses hydraulics as a power source to cut heavy steel. Instead of punches and dies, it’s designed to produce the same quality finished product as a human steelworker.

Industrial applications include:

  1. Processing of steel structures, elevators, spare tire parts, etc
  2. Used in Construction
  3. Agriculture machinery industry
  4. Food industry machinery
  5. Wind power equipment
  6. Marine and railways

Available Varieties and Models

  1. Hydraulic Steel and Ironworker Machine
  2. Mechanical Steel and Ironworker Machine

The most widely used steelworker machine is our double-function steelworker machine because it can process small workpieces and work on multiple stations all at once.

Advantages of Our Hydraulic Steel Worker Machines

Hydraulic ironworker machines can be used to work with steel and are highly efficient, and flexible while requiring a lesser workforce. They also have various production capabilities.

Some of the known advantages of our hydraulic steelworker machine are listed as follows.

  1. Swift and precise
  2. More effortless to cut large amounts of metal in factories
  3. Excellent fabrication solutions
  4. Lesser energy consumption
  5. Little requirement for maintenance


Mechanical foot pedals activate hydraulic fluid in the circuits. Pushing an inch button enables the correct workpiece positioning and tool alignment in each has a limit switch. Automatic return after strokes is completed, with adjustable lengths.

This machine can cut both internal and external angles, as well as cuts miters on larger pieces of angle.

Most of our machines also have a centralized lubrication system. As a result, the machine becomes low maintenance, requiring little upkeep.

Other main features of our hydraulic steelworker machine can be the following:

  1. Reliable steel frame
  2. Shielded foot control
  3. Adaptable stroke control
  4. Overload protection
  5. Effortless to maintain
  6. Emergency switch

The Best Hydraulic Steelworker Manufacturers

There are many steel worker machinery on the market, but we only offer the best to you. Discover all models below.

Hydraulic steel worker Kingsland
  1. COMPACT 50 – 65 – 80

The Compact 50, 65, and 80 are versatile and compact hydraulic machines with five workstations designed for production purposes. These industrial instruments have been designed with long experience in the field of manufacturing hydraulic steelworkers and are created with maximum efficiency.

2. MULTI 60, 70, 80, 95, 125, 140, 175

The range of hydraulic steelworkers called Multi is designed to be universal and accommodate five workstations for two operators. This range is equipped with the latest features and technologies that come with years of innovation.

Hydraulic steel worker Uzma

UKM Line – Hydraulic Ironworkers

UKM Ironworkers can cut any angle in steel, including I-beams and U-sections. Double-piston models allow workers to do two tasks simultaneously (such as cutting and punching).

Operators can punch, cut, and notch on the same machine. In addition, models with multiple stations provide added features to complete various tasks.

Hydraulic steel worker Piranha

The piranha ironworker feature decreases deformation and shifting, while the low rake angle allows it to work quickly. Additionally, automatic hold-downs decrease the time needed for adjustments. As a result, this machine can perform fabrication shop, punch holes in a timely fashion, and all on P-50.


A dual-operator ironworker is often the best option when two simultaneous operations are required. Available models are:

3. PII-88

4. PII-140

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