Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Presses

Enerpac offers a wide range of standard Hydraulic Presses, or you can create your own with our easy-to-use matrix. Enerpac press frames are welded to provide maximum strength and are durable so that they will be safe and dependable in your workshop. Bench and Roll-Frame models of the press are 10-ton all the way up to 200-ton.


Hydraulic presses can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing techniques: forging, clinching, molding, and blanking, punching, deep-drawing, and metal forming. The main advantage of the hydraulic press is that it can create intricate shapes more easily than any other type of press. Hydraulic presses are economical because less energy is needed to press objects and other materials that would otherwise need to be scrapped for recycling purposes.

Machines utilize hydraulic fluid pressure to create movement, which is the basic energy source. Cranes in building or construction and forklifts in manufacturing or production warehouses.

Available Hydraulic Press System Equipment

Hydraulic Presses

You can choose the capacity of Enerpac hydraulic presses with a wide variety of configurations. They are available in Arbor, Bench, H-Frame, C-Clamp, and Roll-Frame models and will provide years of safe service in your workshop.

Enerpac Hydraulic Presses are available at a wide variety of capacities, with the highest being 200-ton.

Arbor Presses

Arbor presses are open frames and designed for horizontal and vertical use, with a maximum load of up to 30 tons.

Benchtop Presses

These compact presses are designed for versatile applications and for able to handle tough work.

Workshop Hydraulic Presses

Easy to use and budget-friendly presses for standard workshop applications, up to 75 tons.

H-Frame Presses

This press is typically used in manufacturing to fabricate parts with heavy-duty materials. It’s designed with a lateral roller head and vertical adjustment and handles up to 200 tons.

Hydraulic Accessories & Equipment

Use the instruments you need to revise the hydraulic system and mounting blocks with force eccentric structures which absorb the pressure on the centerline of the cylinder.

With our Pivot Mounting Options, your cylinder will move with the piston rod, absorbing all force on it.

Enerpac hydraulic press accessories enclose cylinder mounting blocks, V-blocks, Hydra-Lift, and pump mounting brackets.

Tension Meter and Load Cells

Tension load cells are a major type of load cell, typically measured by pulling force. However, they can also measure compression, which makes them very versatile since they’re liable to two types of force.

Tension cells are used to measure pulling force and tension. They are adaptable because they can also be used in various hydraulic press systems.

All the models of our Tension meter and load cells are accurate measuring cups that can measure to +/- 2% either in kilograms or in pounds. Dual-range readout, which means two different units.

Check out all available models below.

LH10 model is a Direct Mounted Load Cell with a 2,000 lbs capacity

  1. LH50 model is a Direct Mounted Load Cell with a 10,000 lb capacity
  2. LH102 model is a Remote Mounted Load Cell with a 2. ft Hose and a 2,000 lb capacity.
  3. LH502 model is a Remote Mounted Load Cell with 2 ft. Hose and a 10,000 lb capacity
  4. LH1002 model is a Remote Mounted Load Cell with 2 ft. Hose and 20,000 lb capacity
  5. LH2506 model is a Remote Mounted Load Cell with 6 ft. Hose and a 50,000 lb capacity
  6. LH5006 model is a Remote Mounted Load Cell with 6 ft. Hose and a 100,000 lb capacity
  7. LH10006 model is a Remote Mounted Load Cell with 6 ft. Hose and a 200,000 lb capacity
  8. TM5 model is a Direct Mounted Tension Meter with a 10,000 lbs capacity
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