Van Storage

Mechanical Workstation and Storage solutions

We provide high-quality, world.-class design of a great selection of industrial and warehouse storage and racking systems, factory outfitting systems, and office furniture. We deliver the best services to satisfy our customer’s needs.

With our Storage Systems, you can store more and organize it better.


Our tool cabinets, work benches, and trolleys are perfect for warehouses, factories and offices. Our metal shelving systems and containers hold large amounts of supplies.

We have everything you need to stock your workplace with all the tools you will ever need and any color to match the decor of your office. Configure and label according to your needs, or let our smart labeling system do so for you. You are also able to protect items with access control systems that prevent theft and vandalism.

Industrial storage systems can be optimized depending on specific needs with containers, boxes, and metal containers. With the supply of plastic containers and other items like small parts storage cabinets, this is a way to make efficient use of the supplies.


All our tool boxes are easy to combine and easy to assemble, so it is perfect for people who like to be hands-on with their build. here are some top features:

  1. Tool organization
  2. You can be working on the go with a system for modular van storage.
  3. It is easy to assemble.
  4. Comes with a new fixing system that is easy to use.
  5. Tool storage you can have on the go.
  6. Time-efficient and more productive.

Available Models

Whether you’re looking for an industrial storage cabinet or a workbench, we have the perfect product for your needs. We also offer industrial racking and shelving systems that you can customize to the colors of your choice. Check out all our available models below.

  1. Vice
  2. Wheel Base
  3. Shelves
  4. Accessories
  5. Base Units
  6. Tool Modules

Product Highlights


  1. Our designers created a revolutionary drawer cabinet that is unlike any other commercialized cabinet. The item series have the space to be extended out of the drawer, which increases storage volume and makes it unique.


  1. You can adjust the capacity of each drawer by changing the set back stop position. Four different capacities can be selected this way.
  2. With the addition of a new guide, even heavier loads can be supported, with up to 200 kg capacity. The Master industrial drawer chest is highly stable and durable.

Innovative Construction

  1. We guarantee the best quality; we use the latest machinery and instruments.


  1. Are your workstations and storage units based on the latest safety guidelines? Safety is paramount when it comes to Storage Systems’ industrial furniture. Our Storage Systems provide industrial furniture that is certified for safety standards.


As a company, sustainable development is our lifestyle and strategy. Due to many investments in resources and energy, companies have experienced higher quality management through better relationships, production, and innovation.

A major investment in resources and energy has led to an intense network of relationships and high-quality products. Manufacturing is done in-house, and quality standards are the highest in the industry.

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