Torque Control

Torque Control Equipment

Screws and bolts must be tightened with tools such as torque wrenches, which allow the user to measure the amount of pressure applied.

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Torque control tools are used for a variety of different tasks across many industries, such as home repairs and maintenance, marine, oil and gas stations, automotive, construction, and more.

torque control

Available Models

Torque Screwdrivers

With the cam-over screwdriver, the fastener is prevented from being under or over-tightened. When the torque limit has been met, the mechanism disengages from the screw, limiting further torque.

Our torque screwdriver provides less force, accuracy and uniformity at low torque values. Medical device manufacturers and electronic manufacturers use these to maintain small nuts and bolts with a precise hand-tightening mechanism.

Torque Wrenches

A torque wrench can be used to make sure bolts are tightened to the exact amount required. This allows for tight and safe joints and helps prevent over or under-tightening.

Manual Torque Multipliers

Torque multipliers are used in tight spaces where an extended lever isn’t the best option. They work with a series of internal gears and help to reduce the leverage needed to attain these high torque values. Much safer than using a cheater bar; they’re typically used when very large torque values are needed.

Battery Torque Tools

Our Battery Torque Tools include a range of cordless torque wrenches for various purposes, with ranges from 120 to 3,000 Ft Lbs and free speeds from 45 RPMs.

These models can be used continuously and reliably with an accuracy of ± 5%. The TorcUP Volta is available in 18-volt battery form, providing extra run time for your cordless torque gun and allowing the torque multiplier to be fully recharged in 60 minutes.

All of our Cordless Battery torque guns have a patented gear technology that makes them more durable, less susceptible to higher temperatures, and more efficient than other brands.

Pneumatic Torque Tools

Our pneumatic torque driver can save you time by tightening a fastener from start to finish. An example of this would be in racing, where pit crew members use pneumatic torque guns to change out tires at record-breaking speed. This is also the same principle that can be found in factories all around the world. These are often used in production facilities where speed and efficiency are desired, as well as fully tightening multiple fasteners.

Electronic Torque Tools

Digital torque wrenches are able to be more reliable than other types of torque wrenches because they have displays that will show the current torque setting.

Reactions & Accessories

Our reaction torsion sensor is similar to LVDTs, but there are two flanges instead of four. One face is fixed to a rigid structural member and the other to a rotating shaft or rotary element. Our design helps the rotation to generate shear forces between the flanges, and the foil strain gauges absorb those shear forces.

You can find any additional accessories here for inserts and ratchets operating with manual, automatic recognition chips and torque multipliers that enable you to quickly turn the tool.

Torque Measurement

Our torque sensors are one of the devices used to measure torque and force with outstanding precision. These tools measure the variables through electrical output signals, which change proportionally as torque impacts the sensor. The results are exceptionally accurate.

Calibration Equipment

If you use torque equipment in your workplace, it’s important to have it checked or calibrated from time to time. Components can wear, falling occurred, and the torque output can change without you knowing.

Our calibration tools for all types of torque equipment can quickly help to check your gear for a detailed report. We’re here to make sure you know exactly what the output is on your torque equipment at every scale level.

Harsh Environment Range

Norbar Torque Tools offer a variety of solutions to torquing problems in a range of industrial sectors. Engineering reliability is key, and they sell torque wrenches, multipliers, and transducers to help with calibration.

Ultrasonic Bolt Measurement

Our ultrasonic sensors provide an accurate measurement. The bond between the sensor and the bolt ensures no variation because the fixed acoustic path eliminates the coupling.

Benefits Of Torque Tools

Torque equipment delivers numerous advantages such as;

  1. Tightening nuts and bolts with minimal exertion
  2. Come with a high degree of precision
  3. Permitting to regulate and add additional torque if required
  4. Heavy-duty construction
  5. Withstanding industrial use such as flange bolting
  6. Preventing damage caused by improper bolting
  7. Diminishing the amount of time needed to tighten nuts


It is best for maintenance on torque tools to be completed by an experienced technician, as they are sensitive. We work closely with some of the manufacturers of torque watches to ensure that calibration and maintenance are checked properly.

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