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Tool Chest Cases

Here at RAAH International, we’ve started to offer optional CNC-worked drawers in different sizes and specifics with modular rails. We’ve also implemented a new honeycombed material for our tool chest flight cases that features an 11 mm black skid-proof weave (see picture). Besides being very sturdy and solid, a tool chest flight case made from this new material is 3 times as light as the traditional wood ones.

Why Use Tool Chests & Cases

Drawers, carts, trunks, suitcases, and bags trolley door Beta tools are synonymous with quality and professionalism. You’ll find all the items you need in this category–from workbenches to trolleys to drawers and cabinets–making it easy to set up your own workspace

Available Models

Tool Chest Cases for Flight

If you walk into a Tool Chest Case store, you’ll notice that our wares are crafted from one of three different frameworks. The framework depends on the kind of environment your tool chest flight case needs to survive, how much weight it will be holding, and what kinds of stress it has to deal with. We use aluminum frameworks made out of aluminum sheets 20-, 30-, or even 40-plies thick. And then we match these frames with just as many types of laminates, so you’ll find both plywood and ABS laminates in our stores.

Made from phenolic laminate that looks like Formica, this desk is both beautiful and easy to clean. The top layer is multilayered birch wood.

The best composite decking is made from fiberglass and aluminum.

General Tool Chest

We took our toughest mobile tool chest and made it even tougher. Still featuring the trusted aluminum rail system, each tray slides out into a secure position for quick access to your tools. It can be effortlessly removed for repositioning or cleaning.

The rugged design of this case has been tested for water submersion, extreme temperatures, and a five-foot drop. It’s tough enough to take an impact while protecting your tools and accessories. The extendable trolley handle and rough terrain wheels make transport more manageable.


This trolley is great because it has an extended-length handle.

Removable drawers, like those found in IKEA kitchen cabinets, work just as well in office cabinetry to add easy cleaning features and separate storage for different items.

  1. Aluminum rail slide system quickly and easily transports materials with little effort.
  2. Comes with two-way handles
  3. This piece has 2 options available
  4. Has heavy duty butt hinges
  5. Good stability but is not as wide as other models
  6. Metal butterfly compression latches
  7. Field replaceable wheels

Auto pressure equalization valves help regulate your pressure with the surrounding atmosphere to provide you with the best compression engine performance.

Please note that the tools aren’t included.

Customized options

Our Tool Chest Cases are available custom-made from the ground up and catered to your needs. We will work with you to make a Tool Ches Case that fits the requirements for your needs and budget, recommending the best option for each situation depending on your role within the organization.

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