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We use many different types of equipment and materials in the process of drilling for oil, including hazards-recognition to prevent injuries.

Workers must wear fall protection to prevent falls when working at heights. Falls often result in injuries and workers’ compensation claims.

RAAH Fall Protection Equipment helps ensure that you’re equipped with the fall protection gear you need to keep yourself safe and prevent falls from happening.


Safety Lock System is essentially any safety device that securely locks worker’s harness to the ladder. SLS keeps workers in elevated positions from falling off the height and hence prevents injuries.

For those individuals who need to work height, the Safety Lock System is perfect. The Safety Lock System has been developed in partnership with various industries and is focused on meeting user needs.

A Glance at Some of the Solutions to Make Working at Height Safer

Check out all our available products below.

  1. SLS – Accessories
  2. SLS – Wrenches
  3. SLS – Ratchet
  4. SLS – Torque Control
  5. SLS – Screwdrivers
  6. SLS – Keys
  7. SLS – Pliers
  8. SLS – Measuring
  9. SLS – Cutting
  10. SLS – Hammers – Impact Tools
  11. SLS – Lighting

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Learn about the range of SLS tools

We offer a range of height-appropriate tools to safeguard your employees and improve their productivity.

Additionally, all the equipment in our Safety Lock System range of tools is suited for working at height, avoiding accidents, and enhancing the overall workflow.

All our safety solutions have been tested and certified. This way, you can meet the requirement for power tools, whether in your local market or those such as the EU.

What does a Global Safety Solutions offer for workplaces?

Dropping tools can lead to a severe problem for the individual or the company. You either spend your time picking up or looking for the tool, and this wastes precious production time. This can also cause damage to expensive installations and disrupt a process, leading to financial disaster.

4 Benefits of the Safety Lock System Solution

  1. We offer a handcrafted ring system in the SLS range of the tool. The metal chosen for the ring is to guarantee it is heavy-duty and sturdy, providing security for the user.
  2. The steel cable is embedded in the metal to ensure a strong connection. When the bond breaks, it’s the steel cable that snaps, not the metal.
  3. The connective cable is furrowed with a servo press to ensure a safe bonding. Additionally, The cord is flexible, and its optimal use is to maintain comfort.
  4. Every product is checked with a tensile testing machine to ensure quality and safety. A unit certificate is issued, and a serial number is engraved on the product, so you know it’s genuine.

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Safety is important in all jobs, and these convenient tools will help you be more productive. Safety Lock System is the perfect tool for someone who often climbs up to heights when working. RAAH Safety has always cooperated closely with companies from various sectors, developing solutions that best meet the needs of workers.

For more information or to place an order, contact us today. We also offer outstanding discounts on bulk purchases.