Sawing - Drilling - Cutting

Sawing - Drilling - Cutting

Machines and tools for the extraction or drilling of material. We offer a wide variety of concrete cutting and drilling services, all completed by experienced, skilled technicians.

Sawing, drilling, and cutting- what is technically involved in each?

Services include drilling and cutting techniques, with the following:

  1. See core samples of concrete, bituminous materials, and rock for analysis.
  2. Demolition of concrete can take place with wall sawing, diamond drilling, or wire sawing.
  3. Cutting, sawing, and drilling at construction projects
  4. Drill application for mechanical and chemical purposes
  5. Used in decommissioning works in radiologically controlled sites.
Sawing - Drilling - Cutting

What Includes in the Sawing, Drilling, and Cutting applications?

Drilling Tools

We carry a large range of diamond core drills ranging from 7mm to 600mm with a variety of sizes and features. You can also use drilling extensions that can increase the depth and diameter of your hole. The longest core we have completed is 37 meters through concrete.

Sawing Tools

We also have a range of saws at our disposal. For example, our floor saw can take blades up to 1500mm in diameter. In addition, the electric and diesel models offer stability for cutting indoors.

Cutting Tools

Wire sawing uses diamond-impregnated wire that is flexible and can be mounted in various locations. The Wire sawing technique has been used to cut through nuclear power stations, bridges, and other concrete structures with controlled demolition.

Available Sawing, Drilling, and Cutting Tool Categories

Accessories: All the complimentary equipment and tools for Sawing – Drilling – Cutting

Blades and knives: Metal tools with a sharp edge to cut, slice or stab

Cable cutters: Tools that Drills, Cuts, and Saws using pressure.

Circular saw: These are bow saws that are often used in wood cutting.

Countersink tool: The drill will help you make wider holes, which makes it easier to hide the screw heads.

Crowns: Cutting tool for making large diameter holes in different types of materials.

Dischargers: Equipment to grind steel shutters cut edges

Discs: All the tools are used as abrasive elements for cutting or grinding.

Drill bits: Type of cutting tool which removes material by chiseling

Drillers: All the tools you need to drill holes in various surfaces and sheets of various thicknesses

Drills: Metal cutting tools are used to make circular holes in various types of materials.

Grinders: Abrasive tool for grinding work.

Male – tap and die: Cutting equipment for tapping along with various bolts and screws to meet the requirements for all applications

Pliers: Pliers and other hand tools that allows holding a piece continuously.

Punch pliers: Ana assortment of cutting tools that help to pierce, cut and reform different types of materials.

Punchers: In the machine, you need to create holes in different materials.

Reamers: Cylindrical cutting tool for precision hole

Scissor: Hand saws have been familiar tools for cutting timber for centuries.

Serrated: The best tools for cutting wood or other materials.

Shears: A wide array of tools are used to cut sheet metal, paper, or plastic.

Thread repairers: Equipment used for repairing and restoring brittle nuts that fall into this category, like taps or screws.

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