Roller Cabinets & Workshop Furniture

Roller Cabinets & Workshop Furniture

A new innovative roll cabinet is replacing the traditional tool cabinets. The advantages are huge- it can go to where it is needed and always has everything ready, making it easier to clean as well. On request, tool trolleys are pre-equipped so that everything has its place from day one. The biggest advantage of this cabinet is its versatility – you can equip it however you want and make a mobile office with electricity or a workbench, for example. There are hardly any limits available in terms of options for the cabinet.

Roller Cabinets

How to choose the best cabinet for every application?

Rolling cabinets can vary in size from small and portable to enormous. We highlight the most popular uses for these cabinets here:

The narrow roller cabinet

This toolbox, which is compartmentalized and axle-mounted with a folding handle on one side, is convenient. It can be moved easily to any location and is long enough to stand upright on its wheels.

The roller cabinet with an average depth

The higher capacity is better than the narrow version, which can both be pulled out on each side so that the drawers are 100% extended.

The mobile workbench

Mobile workbenches allow for much more storage and versatility in planning. With the perforated panel, these workbenches are best for tool storage and a variety of tasks.

The ideal roller cabinet characteristics

It is important to take into account a few factors when deciding on what roller cabinet to buy.

The right size

The size of your tool trolley is up to you. Different models have different dimensions and range in price depending on the types of tools it carries and their suitability for use.

The quality

When considering your next purchase of a roller cabinet, consider the manufacturer’s quality, durability, and capacity.


Powder-coated sheet metal’s high quality means that even with daily use, there are no scratches visible. In addition, some of them have bumpers to protect the surfaces and tools.

The number of drawers

There are many questions you should ask when deciding on your cabinets. For example, you can decide if the cabinet has a high load capacity and if they have flat, easy-to-clean surfaces. You could also look into anti-tilt technology that prevents items from becoming jammed. Make sure the drawers have an easy-to-use self-closing feature. Quality is important in cabinets, so always make sure to ask if it is of high-quality material.


The right kind of wheels on roller cabinets will provide you with the most comfort as you move your tools. The rubber castors allow for smooth rolling, regardless of how full the cabinet is, and the larger rollers travel better over raised areas than smaller ones. In addition, the carts have two castors with brakes which prevent them from getting away from you by themselves.


Tool trolleys are good for a variety of work needs. They can be customized to have various compartments, shelves, and extensions to meet your current needs as well as ones that you may come across in the future.

Available Roller Cabinet Models

The narrow roller cabinet

This roller cabinet is a great option if you are looking for a more compact storage solution. It is designed to be used in limited-space spaces, such as narrow passageways or recesses.

The versatile roller cabinet

These series can be transformed in any way you need it to. The Bagel is high-quality and can be arranged with all the necessary accessories.

The ergonomic mobile workbench

These mobile workbenches offer a comfortable workspace by providing more than enough room to work on and two tables for different needs. The workbench can be placed in a position where you want it, and the vice can be mounted onto the surface.

The robust roller cabinet

These roller cabinets are an affordable, sturdy, robust option that offers optional drawers and trays.

Workshop cabinet

We offer a variety of cabinets for different needs. Check out the catalog to find which one would work best for you.

It is important to be resourceful when designing a workshop. You must discover the best cabinets with all of the necessary features. There are a few things to consider to find the perfect cabinet or cabinets for your workshop.

The range of special workshop cabinets

Our workshop cabinets are customized to meet many needs, including a computer workstation and column integration. The wide variety of elements and customizations that complete each workshop cabinet allows us to organize each workstation. With the variation between single and double doors, as well as roller shutter doors, you can get the most out of any space.

Available workshop cabinet models

  1. single, double door, or with roller shutter to utilize every space most efficiently.
  2. Heights of 90, 110, or 200 cm, depending on the selected capacity
  3. Worktop or sink, designed to boost its stability;
  4. Height-adjustable shelves to store instruments and documents.

How to choose a workshop cabinet?

To find out what features the perfect workshop cabinet should have, start with the basics:


Check out under-counter and under-sink storage for your small space. If you have enough space, consider a workshop cabinet with sliding doors. This allows you to maximize usable space because you don’t need to open all panels to access what’s inside.


If you want your cabinet to be in a corner and near power cables, find one that accommodates running cables and hoses inside the sides or worktop. In this way, you will have not only a workshop cabinet for your parts and tools but also one for electrical cords- making your workspace safer.


Choose a model with double doors for maximum space in your workshop cabinet. The ability to store large items and not having a connecting element between the two internal compartments makes storage easier.

To keep your workstation clean, you should use a cabinet with adjustable feet that can raise the cabinet off the floor. Doing so will protect its contents and keep the floor spotless.


Ergonomic handles make life easier when you have grease and oil on your hands. Choosing the right cabinet can make your tasks faster and more effective while extending the life of the doors.

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