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The tools we offer to create a very advanced technology for the manufacture of hand sockets, both hexagonal and hexagon up to 32 mm in diameter, are based on the use of steels with excellent mechanical properties, cold forming via steel extrusion, and the profile shape.

As a result, the quality level is excellent, as demonstrated by stress tests. By repeatedly applying torque from zero to the standard torque figure, our sockets have been tested up to tens of thousands of times before they fail, much higher than that of traditional hot-formed sockets.


By using a ratchet and socket combination (also known as a socket wrench), you can turn a nut or bolt without repositioning the tool or turning it in a full circle, which can save you time.

Top Features

  • Easy to use

Based on a 75-tooth mechanism, the ratchet accommodating the sockets divides the 360° full circle into sections with 4.8-degree angles, making it easier to use even at places that are inaccessible. Greater precision and reliability can be achieved by using larger ratchet increments, fewer turns, and less effort.

  • High precision

In conjunction with Unior ratchets, Unior sockets enable even, predictable and precise tightening and loosening of screws and nuts.

  • Safety features

The socket retention system features a one-touch release button, ensuring greater safety at work and faster socket locking.

Models Available

  • 1. 1/4″ sockets
  • 2. 1/4″ ratchets
  • 3. 1/4″ Accessories
  • 4. 1/4″ sets
  • 5. 3/8″ Open-Stock Sockets
  • 6. Open-stock 3/8″ ratchets
  • 7. 3/8″ OpenStok HD Socket
  • 8. Sets of 3/8″ hand socks
  • 9. 1/2″ Open-Stock Sockets
  • 10. Open-stock 1/2″ ratchets
  • 11. Accessories 1/2″ OpenStok HD Socket
  • 12. Sets of 1/2″ hand socks
  • 13. 3/4″ Open-Stock Sockets
  • 14. Open-stock 3/4″ ratchets
  • 15. Accessories3/4″OpenStok HD Socket
  • 16. Sets of 3/4″ hand socks
  • 17. Open-Stock Sockets 1″
  • 18. Open-stock 1″ ratchets
  • 19. 1″ OpenStok HD Socket Accessories
  • 20. Sets of 1″ hand socks
  • 21. The packaging sets

Functions of sockets and accessories

You can tighten and untighten hexagonal nuts (4-125 mm) with our sockets and accessories.

There are female drive sockets, male drive sockets with different recesses, impact sockets and accessories with different drives (1/4″ – 1.1/2″).

Since it was originally designed in the 1980s, the 72 tooth ratchet has been the first to guarantee a 5° take-up angle, which makes it ideal for working in tight spaces.

Bihexagon sockets or hexagon sockets

As a result of hexagon sockets’ higher stiffness, hexagon sockets are used in approximately twice as many stress tests as bihexagons.

Static tests show that the breaking torque is almost the same for both profiles since different stiffnesses do not affect the breaking torque.

Requirements for safety

  1. To avoid breakage or accidental damage, reducing adaptors must be tightened with torque proportional to the male drive’s capacity.
  2. Impact sockets and accessories are required to use impact tools.
  3. The use of impact sockets and accessories requires rings and pins to prevent release.

What is the best way to use ratchet attachments?

If you hold the socket in one hand, turn the ratchet handle left and right with your other hand. To loosen a nut or bolt, turn the socket handle counterclockwise. To tighten a nut or bolt, turn the socket handle clockwise.

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