Facom Pullers

FACOM presents a new generation of mechanical pullers with many benefits, featuring high performance and efficiency. Discover all available models below.


Pullers are used to remove pieces such as bearings, pulleys, or gears from a shaft. There are usually two or three legs that circle around the back or inside of a part, and they also have an end that presses up against the end of the shaft.

Facom puller manufactures pullers for gear and bearing removal in adverse industrial machinery and power equipment maintenance applications. They have pulled gears and bearings, among other things, in power facilities.

Advatges of Using Facom Pullers

There are many aspects that make Facom Pullers unique, highlighting:

  1. Safety: Facom’s auto bolt aids with safety so that one can easily pull items without always having to worry about breaking their tool (pullers).
  2. Time efficiency: With the right puller, you can quickly resume production in the event of a breakdown.
  3. Workflow efficnecy: If a machine breaks down, it represents a large amount of lost money. A single use of the puller is usually enough to pay for itself.
Mechanical 3-Leg Pullers
  1. These are known to be one of the most efficient pullers.
  2. They are designed on a single body and according to the U.306/U.310 system.
  3. These pullers can be configured to execute any routine mechanical engineering pulling operations.
mechanical 3 leg pullers
Hydraulic 3-Leg Pullers
  1. These pullers feature a single body, adjusted with four different sizes of legs for bearings d 45 to 270 mm.
  2. It is possible to use them with two or 3-leg configurations.
  3. It can be used for both easy or heavy applications.
  4. The design is very practical and compact and can be stored in an organized case.
hydraulic 3 leg pullers
Mechanical 2-Leg Pullers
  1. Also known as “wrap around” pullers, these series are high-performing and easy-to-use tools.
  2. They are designed with a self-gripping and self-centering structure
  3. They come with a “body and spring” system.
  4. Additionally, these pullers increase safety by force- limiting teh safety rod.
  5. The construction assists ergonomic finger grips allowing signle-handed installation.
mechanical 2 leg pullers
Special Grip Bearing Pullers
  1. These are designed particularly for their grip feature.
  2. The construction offers clamps to provide a robust inside grip.
  3. These pullers are known to withstand high impact as well as having screwing/unscrewing resistance.
  4. The kit comes with multiple flexible blades.
special grip bearing pullers
Separators and Beam Pullers
  1. These series were originally designed to assemble bearing separators behind races where standard puller claws cannot reach.
  2. It comes with wedge-shaped jaws to withstand the pressure from the back of the fitting and push it out.
  3. They can be used with beams for mechanical screws as well as beams for use with hand-operated hydraulically-assisted jacks.
separators & beam pullers
Workshop Equipment Kits
  1. Offering a verity of puller kits for versatile application, these kits are designed for easy operating. For any application that requires gradual, effortless transmission of power, we have the right kit for you, delivering high-strength design and safety to your workplace.
workshop equipment kit

Safety Tips for Using Facomn Pullers

The process of drawing out metal from a die can be very dangerous, which is why there are professional pullers.

Here are a few personal protection equipments that you need to use.

  1. Wear eye protection and gloves
  2. Investigate that a puller is in acceptable condition
  3. Ensure screws are lubricated.
  4. Avoid modifying the pullers.
  5. Select the right puller to guarantee efficiency and optimum load distribution.
  6. Arrange the legs the right way
  7. Before use, check all brackets, pins, and nuts.
  8. Avoid standing behind a puller. Instead, stand to one side.
  9. Avoid using impact wrenches.

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