Impact wrenches & Power Tools

Impact wrenches & Power Tools

Which impact wrench should you buy? Check out this article, where you can find information on the various wrenches that we tested and analyzed.


Our power tools easily remove rusty old bolts from farm equipment. The impact wrench models particularly are an effective tool for tough jobs, such as heavy equipment repair or industrial maintenance and repair.

Our power equipment is a serious power tool that can remove nuts and bolts. It is often used to perform heavy jobs such as industrial supervision and restoration applications or any other task with big or tough nuts and bolts. This tool can be used in the assembly, automobile, maintenance, and construction fields.

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The two-in-one bit or socket drive saves time when you require deep sockets. The driver stays in its place, and the increased torque goes straight through the square anvil, increasing efficiency.

Available models

Our Impact tools drive and remove screws in a very efficient way. The force is spread out from the impact to the operator so that it won’t hurt your hands. For reliable use, our tools have a square drive and use sockets that induces proper strength and resilience.

Impact wrenches operate with a cord or without and have long run times. Cordless impacts operate in areas without a power source, eliminating tripping on cords, but are only available with brand-specific batteries.

Check all our categories below, including all-in-one solutions and impact wrench kits:

  1. GDX18V-1800CB25
  2. GDX18V-1800CN
  3. GDX18V-1600B12
  4. GDX18V-1800B12
  5. GDX18V-1860CB15
  6. GDX18V-1800CB15

All You Need to Know About Our Power Tools

How They Function

Cordless drills and drivers excel at drilling holes, while impact drivers are useful for tightening screws. Impact wrenches are particularly useful for loosening bolts; they produce twice the power as cordless drills. They offer twice the maximum torque, meaning there is strong enough power to undo a broken screw or one that’s been corroded.

However, the strong force generated by an impact tool is useless if you are uncomfortable using it. Fortunately, impact wrenches are easy to use as the wrench transfers most of your high-energy torque directly to the fastener rather than your hand. With this tool, you feel less of a twisting motion when using it- or an electric drill, for that matter.

Types of Batteries (Ah)

When all things are the same, the higher voltage will give you more power. This is true for larger batteries as well. With smaller batteries, 12-volt impact wrenches are more compact. They’re good for tight spaces and overhead work. 18-volt tools may have better features but come with less power difference as well.

Amp hours are the number of amps that a battery can discharge without running out. A larger number means more gas in a tank.

Impact Per Minute Vs. Revolutions Per Minute

The more rapid the revolutions, the higher the impact per minute. The higher the revolutions, the faster nuts, and bolts will be driven. The more rapid the IPM, the stronger it will be as the resistance increases.

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