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Circlips Pliers

A pre-made tool, usually metal or plastic, will keep components together for easy rotation and prevention of sideways movement. C-Clips are a popular choice because their design allows easy installation and removal of different parts.


C-clips are commonly used to keep two or more items together. They also help prevent objects from moving or breaking by stabilizing them.

Cam followers are the key component in a machined groove; without them, dowel pins would fall out. By holding the dowel pins in place, cam followers keep mechanical parts together.

How Do Circlips Pliers work?

Circlips are tailored with open ends that allow for spring tension. Once clipped into place, the crip pressure ensures they will not move or go out of shape.

There are times, such as when working with circlips, when you need a tool to release it. A standard circlip plier has a small hole that can easily grip the circlip while still being able to remove it at will. The main difference between a circlip plier and other pliers is that the circlip plier features a specially designed tip for working with circlips.

What Are Circlip Pliers?

There are several names for Circlips, but they are all metal rings that are used to join objects together. Also known as C-clips, or traditionally seeger rings.

C-clips are easy to understand and can be found in many different jobs across the world. They can be found in automotive or engine assembly and repair, heavy machinery, transformers, turbines, pistons, etc.

Types and Available Models of Circlip Pliers

There are a number of different models and types of circlip pliers. These tools are all made for C-clips and are manipulated in various ways.

There are two different types of pliers for circlips: those for internal circles and those for external. You will know the two apart by their labels – “circlip pliers internal” or “circlip pliers external”.

It’s important to note that convertible or reversible circlip pliers have the ability to switch between snap rings that function in both directions or even one.

External Circlip Pliers

External circlips are made to fit outside the shaft or dowel in a groove. Once they’re in place, they exert their pressure toward the dowel to provide grip. For this reason, external C clips have to be opened up for installation with external circlip pliers. This allows the ring to expand slightly so it can be easily fitted over the dowel.

Separate the snap ring with external circlip pliers. Stretch it and then slot it over a shaft.

Internal Circlip Pliers

A circlip is used to attach two components together inside a hollow cylindrical housing or bore. A circlip is designed to be fitted into the bore and then held by the pressure of the spring.

If you need to crimp a snap ring, it is always best to use an inner plier. The inward-facing stress of an inner plier will close the C-clip when you squeeze on the handles. They can slide out of the way once they are closed.

Long Nose Circlip Pliers

Long nose circlip pliers are a specialist tool designed to work with dowels or bores with a longer reach. They’re also handy for inserting and removing C-clips in hard-to-reach places.

Pliers with extended tips are easier to use when engaging in tricky tasks. Long nose pliers tend to be more often sold than external versions because it’s more difficult to tighten a snap ring that’s located deep inside of something, as opposed to putting one around the outside of something.

Heavy-Duty Circlip Pliers

Heavy duty circlip pliers are built for people who need more demanding situations, but can still be used for installing or removing big or thick retaining rings.

Snap ring pliers are typically used in assembly and repairs on larger machinery. They’re made from hard, durable materials like heat-treated steel or galvanized tips for increased hardness.

You’re more likely to find safety and other extra features on heavy-duty pliers. An example would be a ratchet locking mechanism so you can control tension against higher gauge snap rings.

Circlip Plier Sizes

When you order an item, the size is measured by the diameter of the shaft or bore designed to employ it. When ordering a snap ring, the stated size refers to a measurement reaching from one edge to the opposite edge.

In order to choose the most effective pliers to use, you should know the size of the clip you’re working with and then select from a variety of pliers designed for that specific size. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a set of full circlip pliers that are versatile enough to be used with any size.

Large Circlip Pliers

These pliers are typically used to remove clips up to 500mm in diameter, but you can find models that are bigger. For example, some of them can accommodate clips up to 1000mm in diameter.

Straight-tipped tools are meant for openings that are in a straight line, but bent tips allow you to access items and areas that are off the table or below sheets.

Small Circlip Pliers

Other tasks may require very small circlip pliers, sometimes labeled miniature circlip pliers. They may be able to be used down to C-clip diameters as low as 0.5mm, or 0.02″.

For highly detailed tasks, we offer precision tools. These are less common, but there are straight and bent tips available.

Circlip Plier Sets

Rather than purchasing different pliers, it is cheaper and more convenient to buy a full set.

To make sure you have the right tool for the right job, make sure to get a heavy-duty or large circlip plier set.

Precision circlip pliers, in particular, should be sold in some sort of carrying case or organizing tray, making them neater and quicker to identify.

How to Use Circlip Pliers ?

To use circlip pliers, make sure that you’re using the right tools for the job.

The first step is to know the size of the ring you’re working with. Secondly, consider whether it’s an internal or external clip when choosing pliers for installation or removal.

While many pliers models come with one or the other tip, circlip pliers have just the right tips to fit between each grip hole of a circlip. This makes them incredibly easy to use and manipulate in your hands.

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