Metrology, Measurement & Marking Out

Metrology, Measurement & Marking Out Tools

Measurement is an important part of engineering, woodwork, construction, and many other industries. It includes things like weight measuring and graphical representation.

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Metrology is the field of measurement, covering accuracy, precision, and repeatability. It also covers traceability or comparisons with a “standard” or between different measurement systems.

Be able to distinguish between construction lines and cut lines. Use a marking gauge on wood and plastics or odd-leg calipers on metal and plastics to mark lines parallel to the true edges. Mark out as clearly as possible in order to avoid mistakes. Always shade the waste accurately.

Digital Metrology

Micrometers can make extraordinarily precise measurements. They are able to measure incredibly small amounts and are supplied in a compliance case.

  1. Calipers
  2. Depth Gauge
  3. Micrometer
  4. Dial Gauge
digital metrology

Mechanical Metrology

Find the devices you need to get accurate readings from with our premium devices. By using machines that are calibrated for accurate measurements, you can ensure quality control.

  1. Mechanical Calipers
  2. Mechanical Depth Gauges
  3. Mechanical Micrometers
  4. Metrology Sets
  5. Mechanical Dial Gauges
  6. Magnetic Bases
  7. Surface Gauges
  8. Surface Plates And V-Block
mechanical metrology


Control rulers are gauges measuring the accuracy of measurement. They are most often used to measure sliding control, head alignment, and geometric checks of reference surfaces.

  1. Engineers Rules
  2. Class II Rules

Squares And Bevel Protractors

Our bevel protractor can measure or mark off angles. Vernier scales are added to some of our products for more precise measurements wherever required.

  1. Precision Squares
  2. Other Squares
  3. Bevel Protractors
square & bevel protractor

Feeler Gauges And Gauges

Studying gaps between objects can be difficult with ordinary tools, but not for feeler gauges. Testing devices consist of copper-beryllium alloy strips, which are shaped like a finger. The strip is flexible and easy to use and doesn’t produce sparks or electrical emissions, so it’s safe for sensitive materials.

feeler gauges & gauges


Our robust scribes are commonly used in machine shops and manufacturing. Scribing is a manual process that produces designs and lines on the surface of metal, before the steel is cut or machined.

  1. Scriber
  2. Measuring Marking Out Set
  3. Steel Scribers


Punches are used to emboss a number or letter into the metal and other surfaces. Our outstanding designs are most often used with the metal being imprinted as the reverse of what is created. This allows them to be read regardless of whether it’s negative or positive.

  1. Letter And Digit Punches
  2. Square Punches
marking out

Short Length Tape Measures

Our short steel tape measure consists of a metal blade to measure distance, a protective case that can fit in your pocket, a stop button to hold the measurement when you come across an obstacle. It also has a belt buckle. When using the steel tape measuring tool, you should be sure to remember two points: place one hand at each end of the tape and extend the tape to measure in between both hands.

  1. Grip Series
  2. Red Series
  3. EXPERT Tape Measures
  4. Metal Series
short length tape measure


We provide levels to accurately define horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb) with excellent accuracy.

  1. Engineers Level
  2. Builders Levels

Folding Rules

When it comes to folding rules, we use jointed or zig-zag rules. These rules can be folded up and taken with you wherever you go and can be used in small and confined spaces.

folding rules

Builders Squares

There are many different types of squares available so you can get the one that suits your needs the best. Our squares are an essential tool for carpenters and joineres because they ensure things are measured precisely.

  1. Squares
  2. False Squares
builders squares

Builders Marking Out

We offer a wide range of marking and setting out equipment, which will help with new construction. Our equipment can set up markers that guide everything from roads to bridges on the construction site.

  1. Plumb-Bob
  2. Chalk Line Reels
  3. Chalk Sticks
bulders marking out

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