Heavy Goods - Industrial Vehicles

Heavy Goods - Industrial Vehicles

HGV stands for heavy good vehicles. They are mainly used to transport and transport heavy items safely. They can move goods, production materials, and raw materials. Industrial vehicles and equipment are designed to transport these things.

Mobile Lifting Equipment – HG

When you want to transport heavy weights, our mobile lifting equipment will bring them to you. We have all of your accessories, including hydropneumatic jacks. If we can adjust the weight, it becomes a mobile solution. There are many types of mobile lifting gear, such as manipulators and scissor lifts.

With our portable lifting equipment, you will be able to save time and money. Not only are you providing safety precautions for your workers, but you’re also able to lift up to 150 pounds with minimal effort.

heavy goods industrial vehicles

Electricity – HG

HG Hydraulic Generator converts the electric power of a mobile machine, vehicle or vessel into electricity for all AC-powered electric appliances. This device is used in a wide variety of applications.

Power supplies from HG Power are reliable and last a long time. They are used in many different applications.

Hydraulic Presses – HG

Our presses, which are scalable and have digital features, have lower operating costs. They come with capacities up to 10 tonnes for use in a workshop or other heavy-duty industry. Our systems also come with an adjustable ram and are easy to operate.

Storage – HG

HG Storage International has a global portfolio of high-quality storage and logistics services located in strategic trading. We specialize in containment bunds for all types of wheeled vehicles, including lorries, forklift trucks, tractors, etc. In addition to our containment bunds, we can also help recover accidental oil leaks.

Ratchets – Sockets

Our heavy-duty ratchets and sockets are just a few of the many mechanic’s tool kits we offer so that you can quickly purchase what is best for your needs. Check out our diverse tools for mechanics that you can purchase from the toolsets available in our catalog.

Torque Control – HG

Our Torque jobs range from heavy-duty or off-road vehicles. We have various tools to choose from, including a heavy-duty torque wrench with a multiplier, suitable for HGV and Commercial vehicles that meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Pneumatic Tooling – HG

From handling tire changes to changing washers, we have various tools to offer your shop. Here, we will recommend the best solutions for your needs. Our range features durable and flexible pneumatic tools that are ideal for various applications.

Pullers – HG

Buy the most durable products from reputable manufacturers. Products from manufacturers like 3 Jaws provide a high-quality product for a fair price.

Power Plant – HG

All of our engines use a piston reciprocating in a cylinder to create electricity and are created by a heat engine that can produce power efficiently. Piston or reciprocating engines use heat to the cylinder liner, producing more efficient power and reliability.

Lubrication – Filtration – HG

Our hydraulic systems are designed for any machine or implement that has a hydraulic circuit. Our products include high-flow filtration, oil-flushing equipment, filter carts, and drum filter carts.

Brakes – HG

HG Series Press brakes are compact bending solutions with advanced Dual Servo Power Drive Systems that offer precision and high speed.

We have many brake components for HG vehicles, our largest automotive restoration parts retailer, and more.

Hydraulic Clutch – HG

Hydraulic clutch kits upgrade your old automatic transmission to a smooth and responsive hydraulic clutch. These kits are made by Dellow and are available for sale online for people who would love to see the difference between old and new systems.

Hydraulic clutches are easy to modulate and have a lighter, more consistent lever pull. The lever is connected to a master cylinder and a slave cylinder which helps with grip strength.

Wheel – Steering – Transmission – HG

There are kits and equipment to remove wheels for a variety of industrial machinery, light commercial, and heavy goods vehicles. They have a replaceable square bit on their wrenches.

Rev your engine with the latest in manual transmission technology so you are well prepared for GTA V. With a wide selection of manual transmissions, choose between sequential or hard-hitting H-patterns.

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