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Snap On Hand Tools; Speciality Tools for Every Application

Snap On offers premium quality hand tool kits, best known for design innovation and premium quality. In addition to presenting long-lasting tools and equipment for specialized and general use, Snap On Tools offer reliability and hence safety, even for the most demanding tasks.

Hand Tools


Snap On ratchets are designed to loosen rusted and seized fasteners, broken bolts, and where ever ratcheting application is required. The design is enhanced with an accurate 80-tooth mechanism. Snap On offers ratches that are durable and feature high performance with permanent lubrication.

The range of Snap On ratches is presented for specialized applications and varied sizes, including Round Head Ratchets, specialty, Quick Release Ratchets, etc.


Snap On sockets are manufactured with tempered alloy for excellent durability, resistance to corrosion, and impact. The design is further improved by four grooved detents for quick and reliable attachment to the socket handle. By reducing the thickness, you can use Snap On sockets to access tight spaces.

The selection presents a whole range of sockets including ¼” to 1 ½” Drives, Socket Bits, Impact Drivers and Sets, Combination Kits, and Spare Accessories.


Designed for excellent resistance and strength, Snap On Extensions feature a patented design for versatile attachment to a variety of sockets. Snap On Socket Extensions are crafted from corrosion-resistant chromium, with both knurled and smooth surfaces.

Available in individual pieces and sets, comprising; Knurled Extensions, Wobble Plus, Extensions with locking mechanism, Snap On Extension Connectors.

General Service Sets

Having all your tools handy saves time and increases performance. General service sets are designed to offer standard socket kits to cater to most demands in the auto and engineering sectors.

Correct storage of the tools improves workplace safety and efficiency; as the chances of losing the pieces and leaving the accessories behind in critical locations decrease significantly. The standards set with ⅛” Drive, ¼” Drive, ½” Drive, ⅜” Drive and ½” Drive, Highlighting;

  1. 15 pc Shallow General Service Socket Set
  2. A highlight convenient Storage Case with Foam
  3. 35 pc 3/4″ Drive 12-Point SAE General Service Set


Industrial grade Snap On wrenches and wrench sets are specially manufactured for diverse utilities and automotive, industrial, maintenance, and plumping applications. Featuring a variety of sizes and models, these drive equipment are ideal for manual use of heavy duty striking applications and pneumatic impact tools.

Presenting a series of; Socket Wrenches, Adjustable Wrenches, Combination Wrenches, Ratcheting Open-End, Ratcheting Wrenches, T and L shapes, Crowfoot Wrenches, etc.


For any fastening and losing bolt and screws, Snap On offers a perfect tool. Snap On screwdrivers and screwdriver sets are designed with an ergonomically sculpted handle for excellent control and nonslip features. These tools highlight shock-resistant steel, a robust structure for handling turning power, and excellent grip.

The assortment presents soft and hard handles, electrically driven screwdrivers, Flat Tip Screw Drivers, and combination tools such as pry bars, Bits Sets, Awls, Picks, etc.


From groping wide pipes to grasping delicate wires, Snap On Pliers offer a wide assortment of tools for gripping, cutting, and modifying applications.

You can purchase cutter-plier sets, or shop individual pieces including Noose Pliers, Lineman’s, Electronic Service Pliers, Wire Tools, Cutters, and Locking Pliers– based on your requirements.

For and punching applications, you can choose from the wide array of chisels, cutters, punchers, file sets, hammers, scrapers, etc. Snap On also offers specialized and heavy-duty aviation, auto, and motorcycle tools.


Where tightening and loosening bolts and screws must be precise, Snap On Torque Wrenches offer a variety of solutions. These wrenches also work best in tight and hard-to-reach spaces.

The selection of toque tools includes; Electronic Torque Wrenches with digital features, Beam Torque Wrenches for basic applications, Dial Torque Wrenches, Interchangeable Head Torque Wrenches, Micrometer Torque Wrenches, Torque Screwdrivers, Geared Multipliers, Torque Testers & Torque Adaptors.

Power Tools

Cordless Kits

Battery Operated Tools, or Snap On Cordless sets, are designed for mobile utility. The company offers a variety of general application tools with excellent function and long cycle batteries.

The cordless kit offers singular pieces and combination packages, including; 18 Volt Tools & 14.4 Volt Tools such as drills, Lights including Flashlights, Portables & Headlights, Fans, Speakers, Inflator, Vacuums, Power Management, Spare Batteries & Chargers.

Air Powered

Durable and lightweight, Snap On Air Tools are designed with innovative technology and robust structure. The collection is ideal for powered applications when cutting, smoothing, and shaping are required on a variety of surfaces. The air tool options are; Impact Wrenches: 1″ and 3/4″, Drive Impact Wrenches: 1/2″ Drive Impact Wrenches: 3/8″ and 1/4″, Drive Air Ratchets, Drills, Air Hammers, Die Grinders, Cut Off Tools, Grinders, Cutting Tools, & Finishing Tools.


Additional tools and spare parts for power tools and cordless tools can be purchased in the set and individually, such as; Snap On Boots, Bits, Wire Brushes, Blow Guns, Couplers & Adaptors.

Tool Storage

Storing the tools the right way has many benefits; it extends the tools’ life, increases their life cycle, prevents accidents and injuries, and increases workflow and time efficiency.

Snap On Tool Storages feature different sizes and constructions for mobile and stationary use. They include; EPIQ™ Series Tool Storage, Masters Series Tool Storage, Classic Series Tool Storage, Heritage Series, Mobile Solutions Tool Storage, Stationary Tool Storage, Customized Tool Storage & Special Editions.

Shop & Technician Tools

Specialty Meters & Analyzers

Precision and analyzing factors are vital across diverse, especially in sensitive environments including electrically charged surfaces or hazardous zones. Snap On Speciality Meters and Analyzers are designed for accurate measurements and excellent performance. The assortment includes; Test Leads, Circuit Testers, Leak Detectors, and Smoke Machines, Vacuum Pumps and Testers, Handheld Gas Analyzers, Videoscopes Stethoscopes, Infrared Thermometers, etc.

Battery Service Kit

Marinating battery is a routine part of the mechanical, electrical, and auto industries. Snap On starting and repairing battery sets provide all that you need, such as; Battery Chargers, Power Inverters Battery, Starting and Charging System Testers, Engine Starters, Booster Cables & Battery Service Tools.

Air Conditioning & Cooling

From general air ventilation system parts to specialized cooling and air conditioning in refrigerators, Snap On Air Conditioning & Cooling offers a wide range of accessories. The options consist of; Recycling/Recharging Systems (R134A), Refrigerant Service Equipment R12 & Service Tools.

Under Car Service

Snap On Under Car Service kit presents professional toolsets for automotive industries and maintenance stations. Everything from Wheel Balancing, to Tire Changers, high-quality Tire, and Wheels, Wheel Alignment tools, Wheel/Axle Pullers, & Drive Line Lifters.


Premium quality welding tools sets are designed with a variety of features and models for all welding applications. Snap On Welding Tool Kits highlight diverse construction, including; Inverter-Style models, Wire-Feed Synergic Pulse Welders, Snap On® MIG Wire Feed Welders, TIG Welders. Additional welding accessories are; Plasma Cutters, Gas Welding Soldering tools, Soldering Accessories, Welding Helmets, Welding Clamps/Vises Spot Welders, etc.

Shop Equipment

Snap On Shop Equipment Sets provides miscellaneous equipment that is most required by general industries. Valves, measuring tapes, compressors, paint sprays, and everything in between.

Cleaning & Safety Products

Snap On offers a variety of heavy-duty cleaning sprays and specialized wipes for stubborn dirt and grim in industrial sites.

Set Building

Do you want a Piece of everything? No problem!

We offer you customized sets with the exact tool kits you would require. You can set up your kist based on metrics, application, and storage requirements.

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