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General Purpose & Hand Tools

If looking for high quality storage and all hand tools essentials, pro tool storage system (3-piece) by ridgid and other ridgid brand tools make an excellent choice. They are reliable, high performing and long lasting even in toughest work environments.

Professional Tool Storage

These heavy-duty tool storage boxes are formed for equipment protection and convenience of use. They are augmented with impact resistance resin and rubber coating and boosted with lateral handles. For increasing safety, each box offers a central lock, highly convenient for both storage and accessing the tools with several compartments and easy to use collapsing metal lid. There are three varieties of these tooling storage solutions, including.

1. Pro Tool Top Organizer

A multi configuration tool storage, the RIDGID Professional Medium Toolbox and Cart is easy to use and highly convenient to organize small tools in 6 small and removable compartments and two general dividers. This big plastic toolbox comes with two lateral handles, along with a central handgrip.

1. Pro Tool Top Organizer

A multi configuration tool storage, the RIDGID Professional Medium Toolbox and Cart is easy to use and highly convenient to organize small tools in 6 small and removable compartments and two general dividers. This big plastic toolbox comes with two lateral handles, along with a central handgrip.

2. Pro Medium Toolbox

The Medium Toolbox is compliant with a wide range of use with a highly handy Tool Caddy, three handles and a removable tray for smaller tools. The essential purpose of this toolbox is storing power tools and their accessories, and often used as a build tool storage.  

3. Pro Mobile Tool Cart

This commercial tool storage is a multifunctional storage option, especially used in industrial work environments. This portable toolbox with wheels comes with an advantageous metal handle with telescopic function for easy transport. Other highlights of this mobile tool cart are a central locking mechanism, compact yet highly efficient compartments and a toolbar.


Used for handling plastic pipes and application of force in 360 degrees, STRAPLOCK Pipe Handle provides an impeccable grip for pipes with a diameter of 3″ – 8″, or 80mm–220mm.

The main task of this equipment is to ease the process of installation, repair and maintenance of large plastic pipes. It highlights a unique locking scheme for quick adjustability of its hold around the pipe, improved with plastic locking straps. The tool is also compatible with a variety of worksites, including cold, wet and hot environments.


Our heavy-duty bench vises are arranged with reheated steel, a quick action trigger and robust structure to withstand any amount of force impact and environmental conditions. The quick action trigger helps to open and close the tool’s jaws by a sliding motion, for an increased efficiency in the operation and time. It offers a safer handling, and a 360-degree swivel to respond to any adjustments required for executing versatile tasks. 

Ridgid Aluminium Level

Our levels are forged from lightweight yet durable aluminum Level. They are available in two varieties of Top-reading level and Machined Aluminum Level RIDGID.

The Top-reading level is designed with a milled top structure for precise utility, and a magnetic base which provides excellent stability on a metal base surface.

Machined Aluminum RIDGID® levels feature a sturdier construction and a longer service life and are constructed with a dense block of aluminum. In terms of accuracy, they are superior in quality and compatible with slanted surfaces up to 1/8″–1/2″ slope per foot.

Bolt Cutters

The rigid bolt cutting tools are constructed with steel jaws with premium quality blades in terms of cutting function and precision. They are produced with an excellent grip, a unique mechanism for sharp cutting and a great leverage over the blades function.

Folding Rules

Convenient and durable in harsh work environments, the foldable feature makes them fit right into a tool vest pocket, any of rigid’s elite toolboxes and other convenient storage arrangements.

Crafted from durable and lightweight fiberglass, the rule is designed with well-marked measurement indications; divided into millimeters and red-colored marks every 10 cm, while the other facade shows imperial measurement scales in inches. It also features positive mechanism lock at the joint intersections.


Highly efficient and strong tools, these pliers are manufactured from forged steel with long-lasting service life. They are designed for optimum precision and function even in tight spaces effortlessly, reinforced with slip joint mechanisms. On the handle, it highlights excellent grip while providing comfort at the same time.

Screw Extractors

Our screw extractor sets are available in three different categories, such as;

1. Model 10 Screw Extractor Set

Presenting a complete set of turnout handling tools and drill guides, the screw set includes 25 precision tools, conveniently stored in a plastic box. It is most compatible with drill Models 1 to 5 inclusive, and drill guides Models 921 to 1821.

2. Model 25 Screw and Pipe Extractor Set

Offering precision tools for drill guides and bushings, this unique set is planned especially for management of Drill Models 1 to 8, inclusive as well as Model 36. The turnut tools for Models 1 to 5 Extractors with turnuts and maximum depth wrench for plastic pipe fittings range 1″ to 3″ (Models 80 to 85) also included. All tools are arranged in a highly convenient storage compartment.

3. Screw Extractor Set

Featuring 20 precision tools for the removal of stripped or worn screws, the set is compatible with models 1 to 5 inclusive with turnuts, drill models 1 to 5. The set comes in a tool box arrangement.

Replacement Drill Guides

To address the inaccuracy problems while drilling, the replacement drill guides are designed to provide centered drilling precision while increasing efficiency and performance speed. It could also be used for screwing tight spaces that require precision such as window pulls, door latch bolts, and striker plates.

Twist Drills

Twist Drills Tools are made for performing wound spirals and wide flutes for an enhanced chip transport and creating precise drill holes in long-chipping materials. These effective tools are also highly useful in prevention of non-round holes and drilling instability that may result in off-shaped hole edge.


Shovel blades and shanks are designed with a single piece of taper heated steel. They are resistant to rust and forged for maximum durability. The construction presents round blades to prevent slipping incidents while the handle boasts excellent grip and control with its double riveted blade attachment.

Tape Measures

RIDGID® heavy-duty tape measures are unique in construction and performance, manufactured with an industrial grade rubber bumper, overlaid on a rust resistant stainless steel plate. The rubber is made to smooth down the rewinding of the tape, withstand abrasion and increase the service cycle on the whole. This premium tape offers anti slip grip with a slotted feature for wall mounting.


These ridgid tool storage systems are crafted from 18 ga steel and reinforced with two industrial grade and trunk-type catches. The structure is joined with electric resistance welding and topped with extremely durable continuous hinges. On the exterior, the box comes with plated handles for a pleasant grip and oil resin baked finish in red. The box is p[erfect for storing a variety of general hand tools and complemented with an electrostatic aerosol coating.

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