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Complete Set of Proto Hand Tools

Proto® offers the right tool for every task.

Proto manufacturers, formerly Stanley Proto, is one of the leading American tool brands for home use, automotive sectors, and industrial workers. Proto hand tools are designed with high standards and regulation of the USA to present exceptional quality, durability and rigorous testing prior to dispatch to guarantee a fail proof application.


For safe working at heights, PROTO Tethered Tool System presents a complete set of carabiners and loops, sealing tapes, lanyards, carabinier and D-ring web tethers, heat shrink tool tethers, anti tool drop collars, etc. Purchase the all-in-one solution tether kits or order singular pieces to meet your exact requirements.


Proto Tool Storage solutions are designed to last and protect your equipment. The design is manufactured with tempered and thick steel to resist harsh environmental factors in an industrial setting such as impacts, corrosive chemicals, saltwater and weathering.

With the Stanley Proto Toolboxes, you can keep organized, prevent misplaced tool incidents, and increase your tools service life even in the most demanding worksites by correct storage.


The master tool sets guarantee increasing the safety and performance of any specialized and general sectors, including; electrician, construction works, pipe maintenance and plumpers, aero engineering and maintenance, railways, automobile, and any other general industry.

The sets include over 270 tools comprising an assortment of Stanley Proto Wrenches, Stanley Proto Socket Sets, Striking and Struck Tools, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Miscellaneous Tools. 


Proto Drive Tools are intelligibly designed for increased productivity and reliable performance. The set includes; Adapters, Extensions, Handles, Insulated Tools, Impact and general Socket Holders, Impact and Standard Universal Joints, Impact Adapters, Stanley Proto Ratchet and Repair Kits.

To withstand the most demanding tasks, Drive tool sets are tailored from extra resilient alloys with a thick Nickel Chrome coating for excellent durability against corrosion and external force.


Crafted from heat treated steel alloy for outstanding durability, Proto Hand Sockets are ideal for a wide range of tasks- especially when handling reverse levers and tight space applications. They offer excellent grip, safety and time efficiency. The Hand Socket Kit presents; Socket Sets, Universal Sockets, Crowfoot Wrenches singularly and in sets, Sockets Bits and Hex Bit Repair Kits.


Presenting an all-in-one solution, Proto Air Tools boast premium material, specialized for angle impact application, and controlled breakaway torque. The kit includes Angle Impacts and Pistol Grip Impact Wrenches, Air Ratchets, and Die Grinders.


For performing accurate torque applications, Proto Precision Torque Tools deliver. They are highly suited for tasks such as torque maintenance and calibration with excellent safety and accuracy. These tools come in three varieties of torque tolerance and are crafted from exceptionally durable steel alloys.


Proto Wrenches are manufactured with a focus on excellent grip with an anti slip design, efficiency and durability. For any ratcheting application and wrenching task, Proto offers a specialized tool to increase both safety and productivity in your workplace. The series includes; Ratcheting Wrenches, Combination Wrenches, Adjustable Wrenches, Flex Head Wrench Sets, and more.


Proto features a variety of screwdriver sets for diverse applications. When it comes to material, the Stanley Proto Tools are designed with heat treated round and square steel alloy shanks for ultra-performing durability.

For tightening and loosening hex bolts, Proto Hex Keys are designed with sturdy construction and oxide coating for resistance against corrosion.

The set comprises Ratcheting Screwdrivers, Hex Key Sets both standard and folding, Picks and Hooks, Nut Drivers, Insert Bits Screwdrivers and more.


Maximize efficiency and safety with Proto Pliers, Snips and Clamps. In addition to increasing productivity, Proto’s locking pliers present professional design highlights; corrosion resistant finishes, durability against welding splatter, drop forged jaws, spring loaded release levers, and a quick-releasing locking system-for an additional hands free efficiency.

The complete set features; Snippers, Wire Strippers, Plier Sets, Insulated Pliers, Clamps, Locking Pliers Set, and Retaining Ring Pliers.


For demolition activities, and impact force tasks, Proto’s specialized set of Striking and Struck equipment present a comprehensive tool kit. They are designed to withstand impact and harsh daily use of features such as chip resistant, drop-forged metal alloy heads, rim-tempered facades, shock-absorbant, and no-slip handles. The entire set offers; Pry Bars, Hammer Sets, Punches, Chisel Sets, Demolition Tools, and Nail Sets.


Fleet Maintenance tool sets include any Stanley Proto Industrial Tools needed for the maintenance of trucks, lifts, haulers, and movers both in station and on the road. The fleet equipment is crafted with precision-engineering and standard solutions to provide convenience, safety and reliability. These specialized tool kits highlight; Fluid System equipment, Gauge Parts, Chassis and Support Tools, Electrical System Essentials.


Getting any task done with perfection, employing the right tools is the key. Proto Specialty Tools offer a wide range of equipment for unique utilities. Anything from Lumination Accessories, Sawing Accessories, Inspection Pick up Tools, Multi-Purpose Tools, Eye Bolts, to Extractors and Pullers.


Precise Measurement is vital to successful excursion of many applications. Proto offers a range of Measuring Tools, including extra thick and resistant Measuring Tapes, Electronic Scaling Equipment, Levels, and Squares.


Introducing Proto’s Cutting Tool Kits, any cutting, slashing, shaping application becomes effortless with this specialized equipment. These tools are manufactured with premium quality material and designed for specific cutting surfaces. Each tool is categorized under four varieties, including utility, specialty, hook, and snap-off.

The collection presents: Hacksaws, Panel Saws, Knife Sets, Meter Boxes, Saw Blades, etc.


Designed for performing a smooth finish, Proto Finishing Tools are arranged to soften rough edges, create form, and level surfaces after the main cutting applications. Each tool features ergonomic design, anti-slip highlights, premium material and outstanding performance. The finishing tool kit comes with.

Planes & Plane Cutters, Putty Knives and Scrapers, Files, Brushes, and Surform Tools.


Proto fastening and assembly tools boast industrial grade strength, durability, and reliability. Whether fastening and loosening bolts and screws, ratcheting applications, manipulating small objects with specialized pliers- Proto offers the exact tool for your task. The kit includes Air Wrenches and Ratchets, Plier Sets, Hex Keys, Screwdrivers, Nut Sets and more.

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