Facom Hand Tools

Facom Hand Tools

Facom is a leading European manufacturer of several accessories and hand tools for specialized industries. Each tool features premium material, excellent performance and competitive service life compared to similar products in the market.

Electrician Tools

1000v Insulated Pliers & Cutters

Insulated Electrician Pliers Cutter Set are designed for utility in workplaces prone to charged surfaces. The tools are 1000V Tested and Certified in accordance with international regulations. 

1000v Insulated Screwdrivers

Designed for durability and safety, the Insulated screwdrivers are 1000V tested and certified. To match all the hand screwing requirements, Facom features slotted-head, cross-head and Phillips head screws.

Crimping Pliers

Ergonomic and high performing, Crimping Pliers are manufactured with a compact silhouette. It caters to any application to close 2mm-3mm crimp beads and crimp tubes by holding wire or string ends firmly for great control.

Hole Punchers

Facom Hole Punchers are manufactured with an impeccable design, with faultless performance and ergonomic handling. The handles offer shock absorption and an outstanding grip. Used as a correction tool in aligning bolt or rivet holes before inserting a fastener. Available for purchase in individual pieces and sets.

Wire Strippers

Facom Wire Strippers are arranged with premium material and construction for precise performance. It is employed for stripping both single multi core wires. Stripping the outer layer of wires is effortless.

Electronic Cutters and Pliers

In a combination of cutting performance, electric powered force and safety, the Electronic Cutters and Pliers are designed for electrician tools kits. They feature exceptional grip, precise application and protection from hazards of electrostatic discharge (ESD). available in singular pieces and sets with a variety of sizes and applications.

Electric Screwdrivers & Ratchets

A selection of electric screwdrivers and wrenches with ratchet mechanism to perform any task effortlessly. These cordless tool sets run on batteries with long service lives, and offer effortless performance. They function best for narrow spaces where manual maneuvering is limited, and stubborn screws and nuts.

Pneumatic Grinders & Polishers

Industrial grade pneumatic grinders are fabricated for ergonomic and comfortable use, high performance, time efficiency, and safety. Besides requiring minimal exertion on the handles side, the structure is secured with a protective guard. Durability, compact size and eight profile lights are among other features of these tools.

Pneumatic Hammers

The construction features two hammers in a strong hammer cage for increasing task performance speed. Besides practicality in most engineering and construction applications, these hammers are suitable for lower torque applications.

Non Sparking Tools

Non Sparking Files and Saws

Tailored from premium material for exceptional sharpening and edging applications, Facom files and saws feature: non-sparking properties, non-magnetic performance, resilience against corrosion and are highly durable. We also offer performance certification and Production Certified Lifetime Warranty.

Non Sparking Hammer & Chisel

For creating quick and precise impact, non sparking hammer and chisel set is manufactured for utilizing takes over potentially explosive atmospheres and applications. These tools are sold singularly and in sets with different sizing and features. Known for outstanding durability.

Non Sparking Ratchet & Sockets

When working in hazardous environments, using the right tools is the key. Non sparking Ratchets and sockets are designed for turning a nut or bolt without repositioning the tool on the fastener with maximum safety. Suitable for tight spaces and ergonomic handling of ratcheting tasks.

Non Sparking Screwdrivers & Keys

Anti-magnetic and anti-spark Alen keys and screwdrivers are one of the most handy tools available when it comes to hazardous zones. Besides safety, these tools are crafted with premium quality material, ergonomic construction for perfect function and durability.

Non-Sparking Wrenches

Featuring a set of wrenches to fulfill any wrenching applications across general industries and engineering applications. Besides exceptional functionality, Non Sparking wrenches are suitable for use in potentially explosive environments.

Aero Maintenance Tools

Aero Pliers

Facom Aero Pillars are tailored from long lasting cold forge technology for an extended durability and strength. Available for single purchase and in sets with different sizes or along with the entire aero maintenance kit.

Aero Ratchets & Sockets

Aero Ratchets and Sockets are manufactured with a unique rotating handle jack for increased speed when handling applications in tight spaces. It presents 6° increments for a reliable final tightening, and safeguarded by socket safety locking. 

Aero Tool Boxes

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, the Aero Tool Boxes are durable, resistant to corrosion and UV, and sturdy in construction. Besides providing a reliable storage solution, it helps orgaziting the Aero Tools neatly and safely.

Aero Wrenches

Introducing Aero Specialized Wrenches, these tools are designed for high impact utility backed by a resilient design and premium material. These tools are available for singular purchase or in kits together with the whole set of aero torque control tools.

Automotive Tools

Hydraulic Presses

Using a powerful hydraulic cylinder for generating an exceptional amount of force, Facom Hydraulic Presses are made with a strong blade to minimize the spring lever. Highly suitable for applications such as forging, clinching, moulding, punching, and other metal forming operations.

Inspection Creepers & Pry Bars

Facom offers a whole set of tools and inspection equipment when required to slip under a car or other machinery, including creepers, pry bars with a variety of sizes and constructions, nail pullers and levers. Facom pinch bars are also highly popular for heavy dirty tasks in construction and demolition works.

Jacks & Workshop Cranes

When using workshop cranes or other mechanical lifting equipment, precision increased both safety and workflow. Facom offers an assortment of workshop cranes and jacks with the outstanding rotation ability up to 270°. Other features include; regulations and control over load descent rate, plate protection, and durability.


Cable Cutters

Facom offers a wide range of high-quality Cable Cutters for all cutting and shaping applications. Each tool is designed for high performance and high-leverage utility with one-hand shearing. Ideal for cutting through a wide range of cable varieties.

Drill, Mills & Holesaws

To meet any demand for general tooling such as sawing, drilling, stud and screw extracting and more, Facom offers an assorted set of Drill, Mills & Holesaws. You can purchase these tools singularly for unique conventional use or buy the whole kit for your comprehensive tool box.


Facom Jigsaw power tool is manufactured with a durable electric motor and a reciprocating saw blade for cutting complex shapes in wood, metal, and other materials. Facom offers a range of Jigsaws such as corded or cordless, small or wood specialized with sole plates for beveling function.

Scissors, cutters and Knives

Find the complete set of handy tools for all cutting, shaping, and snapping functions around your workplace. Available in both set and singular pieces.


Facom shears are formed for any heavy-duty cutting application, made with extra sharp blades, excellent grip and precise performances. These shears are resistant to corrosion with heavy duty construction for a long-lasting use.


Among the most popular cutting and impact shaping tools, Facom introduces material excellence to traditional designs. Available in several types, including firmer, bevel, bench, mortise, etc. suitable for both house use and industrial utility. 

Club Hammers

Crafted with a metal head and an ergonomic and robust handle, Facom Club Hammers are made to last. They feature a rugged construction to withstand the most demanding tasks. Available in different sizes and handle material.

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