Ega Master Hand Tools

Complete Set of EGA MASTER Hand Tools

Ega Master is a leading provider and manufacturer of hand tools in Europe and across the globe. These tools are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of Industrial sectors such; as oil and gas companies, mining tasks, general engineering and other automotive and manual tasks. If you are looking for reliable and safe hand tools. The high performing EGA Master hand tools are just what you are looking for.

Bolt Cutter Ega Master

Manufactured for cutting rods, bolts, wire mesh, padlocks and concrete from ties. These bolt cutters are designed with a classic profile, enhanced with Chrome-Molybdenum blades that are impeccably sharp and durable. It offers a comfortable grip and a blade hardness of 62 HRC.

Gear Pullers

Featuring safety, convenience and excellent performance, the EGA Master Gear Pullers are used to remove difficult parts with ease. They are incorporated in separating bearing pulleys, and greats from the main shaft. The design features two or three legs (depending on the model) to round about the back or inner part of the shaft.

EGA Master Socket Wrenches and Socket Wrench Sets

A set of essential wrench size and socket required fastening and tightening for bolts and nuts. This set offers a comprehensive assortment of socket wrenches, with the size range of  1/4″- 3/8″ – 1/2″ – 3/4″ -1″. The sizes are available in both metric and imperial. The versatile collection helps to manage all the manual tasks in construction and general engineer works.

EGA Master Screwdriver Bit Holders

The bits holder kit offers a versatile set of small equipment. They highlight durability and exceptional functionality; bits are commonly used to tighten or loosen hardware on industrial equipment, shaft collars and couplings, and a variety of other mechanical components.

Impact Wrench Sets

To handle all the screwing tasks, EGA Master Socket Sets are designed to replace the usually dangerous socket sets. In addition to providing safety to impact wrench task handling, these tools are extremely durable and high performing. They are available in a wide range of SAE and Metric sockets to use in combination with pneumatic tools.

EGA Master Wrenches

An assortment of flare nut wrenches and ratchet wrenches to provide grip and torque while tightening and loosening actions. The collection is presented in an innovative tool box to tighten multiple varieties of nut heads such as Spherical, 6-point, 12 point, Square and E-torx, as well as with rounded off nuts.

EGA Master Torque Tools

For controlled tightening or loosening, the right tools are extremely important. EGA Master Tool Control System offers a wide range of Torque Tools and torque checking equipment. The latest technique is used for the digital torque tools, combined with innovative data communication.

EGA Master Adjustable Wrenches 

Used for any applications, such as turning or loosening a nut or bolt. The adjustable wrench features jagged jaws, with a rolling adjustment to get the exact grip you require. We offer a wide range of adjustable spanners and wrenches. You can also order your adjustable wrench with an eye handle for Anti-Drop utility and safe working on heights.


Highlighting a wide range of sizes and lengths, you can get a screwdriver for each task with the EGA Master screwdriver kit. They are designed for a variety of applications such as corrosive resistant steel screwdrivers, and EGA Master Insulating Non-Sparking screwdrivers, for 1000V insulations, ESD Safe screwdrivers, screwdrivers with anti tool drop features and much more. Contact us for further information.

EGA Master Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Hydraulic torque wrenches and bolting tools are designed to carry out the tightening and loosening tasks around hydraulic systems with impeccable precision. These ToolKits offer equipment with calibration to measure the torque applied to fasten- in order to achieve the desired tightness or loosening pressure.

EGA Master Soldering

EGA Master manufacturers provide a variety of soldering tools and torch models. Made for perfection and safety, these torches and soldering equipment are low weight, self igniting and precisely adjustable for the flames intensity. They feature an impeccable grip and high temperatures reaching up to 1750°C.

Pneumatic Tool Kits EGA Master

EGA Master pneumatic tool kits are manufactured to deliver high torque output with minimal force requirement. The tool kit includes impact wrenches, drills, screwdrivers, etc., for essentially any application in fields of automotive repair, maintenance engineering, construction, and for anywhere a high torque output is called for. These tools feature outstanding performance and a lightweight profile.

EGA Master Files Set & Punches

Reliable and high performing hand files, the files are used for grinding, cutting, sanding etc.

Powerful, precise and durable. The EGA Master Files and Punches are manufactured with premium metal alloys and are compatible with international standards. The set offers a comprehensive range of sizes for manual applications such as cutting, gouging or roughing.

EGA Master Automotive Tools

Any small tools to large equipment for repair, assembly and manufacturing tasks in the automotive industry, EGA Master provides outstandingly. Besides premium quality automotive elements, these sets are compatible with any variety of vehicles. 

EGA Master Taps and Dies

Manufactured with robust structures to withstand heavy-duty applications. EGA Master taps and dies deliver excellent results for any threading, cutting and forming applications of bolts and screws. These sets are marked by metric measurements.

EGA Master Hammers

Ergonomic and versatile, the hammers sets include wooden and fiberglass handles, diverse weights and handle length. The handle-head fixation is securely placed in a way that guarantees the attachment throughout the service life cycle. The head is crafted from durable steel.

EGA Master Construction Tools

The construction kit includes a wide range of tools, available both separate and in a package; precise and durable tile cutters, sturdy shovels, wall building equipment such as trowels and bricklayers, handy scrappers, and small cutting machines.

EGA Master Measuring Tapes

Precise measuring tapes with highly durable features. These tapes are placed in chrome plated cases to handle external impacts, shock, and wear. The tape itself is coated with nylon to prevent scraping and abrasion in the harsh industrial surroundings, such as construction sites.

Lighting Equipment & Tools

Proper lighting proves essential to operators’ performance and Intrinsic safety. EGA Master offers a variety of lighting tools such as flashlights, inspection lamps, headlights, pocket flashlights, UV flashlights and LED headlamps to provide any type of portable lighting you’d need in your workplace.

Electrician Tools

Besides electricity maintenance companies and energy sectors, electronic measurements and tools are a part of a variety of industries. EGA Master offers a wide range of electrical measurement tools for diverse industries, such as; Automotive, Aeronautics, Illumination, Electric, Electronic, Industrial Maintenance, Safety, Construction, Railway, Marine and a long etc.

EGA Master Tie Cutter

Cutting ties without damaging the wires requires excellent precision; Ega Master Tie Cutters are designed for maintenance applications across industrial sectors. The kit features a variety of sizes and head models to cater to handling diverse wires. Available separate and in a package. 

Ega Master Pliers

EGA Master offers a wide range of Pliers and Pincers for holding objects ergonomically and securely. Beside the standard pliers there is a range with Anti-Drop Pliers for safe working on heights, a range with Non-Sparking pliers, ESD Safe pliers, 1000V insulated pliers, Titanium pliers and stainless steel pliers.

EGA Master Chisels

Presenting sturdy and effective chisels for the woodworker. These sets feature a standard handle or with a soft and ergonomic grip and effective head. The wooden box kit also includes a variety of firmer chisels, jack planes and clamps- each piece presenting high performance and durability.

Crowbars, Construction Ratchets & Pry Bars

The essential set of crowbars, construction ratchets and pry bars are a must-have tool kit for construction crew, oil and gas rig professionals and mining operations. This kit offers high performing pieces with a highly resistant to corrosive elements and features long service life.

Blind River Tools and Crimp Nut Tools

The extensive range of blind rivets is used for handling a variety of applications such as fastening blind rivets or rivet nuts. The set includes; blind rivet tools, hand rivet pliers, pneumatic rivet pliers, and cordless rivet pliers.

We also offer a complete set of crimp nut pliers with a wide range of nuts and one battery change. This combined kit is compatible with almost any engineer and mechanical services ranging from professional hand plier to Pneumatic Riveter for large jobs. The powerful cordless nut crimping tool is highly efficient in electronically delivered adjustments such as the LED illuminated displays.

EGA Master Bench Vices 

Heavy Duty Bench Vices from EGA Master are particularly manufactured to withstand industrial utility and harsh environments. These Mechanical apparatuses help precise handling of small objects by keeping them in place throughout the process. They are made from resilient metal, featuring two parallel jaws and a handle to loosen or tighten the grip. Highly compatible with mechanical and woodworking industrial sectors.

EGA Master Hollow Punches

Durable and efficient, EGA Master hollow punches are designed for punching holes in metal sheets and other material. These tools are available in sets for creation of a variety of punch dimensions, as well as singular pieces. They work best on metal, rubber, gaskets, leather and other materials.

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