Explosion-Proof Tools

Non-Sparking Tools: An overview

Non-sparking tools are necessary for unsafe areas, such as in work zones when flammable hazards exist. Non-sparking tools can be found under many names, including “spark-resistant” or “anti-static tools”.

Non-Sparking Tools are made with a metal alloy that is not static and has the ability to spark, such as copper-nickel alloys, copper-aluminum alloys, aluminum-bronze alloys, copper-beryllium bronzes, and beryllium bronze.

These tools are equipped with premium quality features, such as Anti-Static tools, Non-Sparking Hammers, Brass Wrenches, and more. They provide a safe option for flammable environments and live atmospheres.

Why are non-sparking tools essential?

These hand tools are made and tested in places with possible contact sparks. They are designed to be used in environments with hazardous substances, such as Atex zones, making them necessary for people who work with flammable gases or electricity.

Which are the key features of “non-sparking” tools?

  1. Non-sparking metals have less tensile strength and more risk of being torn than sparking metals. These, however, present a low resistance to electrical shocks and are used in areas with sensitive materials.
  2. Non-sparking tools provide safe working conditions, but there’s still a small chance sparks could be produced. These are called “cold sparks,” and they have a low risk of ignition in the world of metals. So even with a “non-sparking” tool, there is still some danger of spark production.
  3. Reduce the existence of cold sparks by using non-metallic substances such as wood, leather, and plastic. We even have equipment that will eliminate the chance of a spark.
  4. These tools are designed to stop fires and prevent other types of hazards in workplaces where fumes, vapors, documents, or liquids might be present.

Important disclaimer when using non-sparking tools

The importance of following guidelines to reduce the risk of starting a fire when working in a hazardous environment.

  1. Though there are differences between the sparking and non-sparking tools, both can flare up at any time.
  2. When using a tool, you must ensure that it is the correct one for your needs and adhere to any safety regulations. It is important to keep these things in mind before use, so you don’t endanger anyone.
  3. Certain metals, such as beryllium, are toxic to the human body and can’t be used without gloves.
  4. Static electricity is a shortcoming of any non-sparkling tool and must be kept in mind. It results from contact between two different materials and can lead to sparks. This spark is flammable and can start a fire if it has enough energy — for this to happen, there must be some sort of incentive for the spark that gives it an extra push.
  5. The size of your tool can impact how well it fits and lessen the time between putting in and taking it out.
  6. Performing these tasks with mechanical ventilation, or even nearby, will reduce the likelihood of injury and hazardous exposure.

Ega Master Non-Sparking Tools

EGA Master is a company that manufactures tools for a wide range of industries. These tool control solutions can be used to avoid economic loss due to careless tool management, as well as FOD safety.

Top EGA Master Non-Sparking Tool Features

It has a variety of non-sparking tools for use in gas and dust environments. These range from Al-Bron, Cu-Be, and Acetilex©, as well as intrinsically safe ATEX-IECEX, certified explosion-proof instruments, including Ega master torch light.

All of EGA Master’s tools are non-sparking, non-corrosive, and non-magnetic to provide a level of safety while working in potentially explosive environments. These are divided into various mechanic tools, including wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, socket wrenches, and more.

Additionally, their instant test tools ensure your safety and get the right tool for the job.

Application of Ega Master Non-Sparkling Tools

EGA Master manufactures the most comprehensive range of heavy-duty pipe tools. The company’s products include wrenches, threading machines, and other accessories that are suited to all industrial construction and plumbing needs.

Manufactured tools are non-sparking, non-magnetic, and non-corrosive, which are safe to use in potentially explosive environments.

The EGA Master also offers titanium tools that are designed for the military and aircraft industries, among other high-level challenges.

They provide all the required pipe applications; these include welding, threading, cutting, bending, reaming, and press-fitting.

Other tool applications are constructed for general mining machinery and equipment for generally hazardous danger areas to be used for various purposes such as communication, detection, measuring, and lighting.

Facom Non-Sparking Tools

The Facom non-sparking products help users to discard their discharge safely without affecting electronic components, and traditional steel tools may create sparks in flammable atmospheres.

Why is the entire FACOM ADF range made from a special Copper – Beryllium?

The alloy has the best mechanical properties in addition to its explosion-proof properties.

Cu-Be alloy is also anti-magnetic and highly corrosion resistant.

They are lightweight and easy to handle, which makes them an ergonomic addition to your workplace. However, these tools are also available in different types of dimensional standards.

Features of Facom Non-Sparking Tools

Facom offers a wide range of explosion-proof instruments, including radios and torches. These products are certified ATEX-IECEX compliant and safe to use in areas where explosions can happen.

  1. These products have been certified to conform with the standard, which shows that they are safe for use in explosive environments and meet all the needed requirements. This includes the essential health and safety requirements for workstations.
  2. The coatings are perfect for anything that is magnetic, rustproof, and hypoallergenic.
  3. They are insulated, offering 1,000V hand tools to operate safely in high-voltage conditions.

Application of Facom Non-Sparking Tools

FACOM ADF tools can be used in a wide variety of fields, including the following:

  1. FACOM ADF tools for Mining
  2. Off-shore and on-shore oil & gas stations
  3. Different classes of refineries and petrochemicals
  4. Maintenance of pipelines
  5. Marine stations
  6. Airports and aeronautical transport
  7. General utility

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