Electricity Profession Tools


Every electrician has their favorite tool. These tools differ by occupation.

In order to practice electrician tasks safely and effciently, one needs the right tools. There are certain indispensable tools that you will need in order to do your job as an electrician.

So, we’ve put together a list of tools that every electrician should have in his toolbox.

Find out Why the Right Electrical Tools Are Essential for Your Profession

Electricians need to possess two things: training and experience.

With access to the appropriate tools, the knowledge of how to use these tools, as well as a general understanding of their tasks, apprentices have a brighter future. And not only this, by showing their competence with the job, they can be sure that they are doing what is needed for their clients and are doing it safely. As a result, they will gain trust from clients and, with more upcoming projects.

However, they also need electrical tools in order to do their job.

If you get the right tools and understand the process of using these tools, then you can manage your work and ensure that they are doing what they need to.

Application of Facom Electrical Tools

The set includes different tools for precision tasks. The tools are perfect for micro-electrical, electrical and precision tasks. This kit is perfect for use by electricians and anyone looking for precision tools. The set includes insulated and non-insulated tools that are ergonomically designed and can be used in many different industries.

Electrical Hand Tool Varieties

Every electrician will need certain vital tools to complete their job. Here are some of the essential tools for performing electrical tasks:

Cable-Sheath Strippers

Any electrician will agree – the cable sheath strippers are crucial for ensuring installations are installed properly and according to the IET regulations.

Wire tools

Wire strippers and other wire handling tools are essential instruments that control the amount of pressure when stripping insulation from cables. Wire strippers can also be used to crimp wires and strip sheath/insulation on twin and earth cables. This model has been shown to carry out crimping as well.

  1. Wire Puller And Accessories
  2. Wire Strippers
  3. Wiring Tools
Insulated Pliers

As a must-have in the electrician tool box, the insulated pliers are a tool that a Sparky likely owns. They are very useful for cutting wires and removing nails.

  1. VE Series 1,000 Volt Pliers
  2. Expert 1,000 Volt Insulated Pliers
  3. Crimping Pliers
Electricians knives and scissors

Electrician knives often come in handy. A certified electrician will use a range of knives and scissors to get the job done, such as cutting and stripping cables, cutting electrical tape and insulation, and slicing and opening equipment boxes.

Insulated screwdrivers and tooling

To be safe, ensure your tool kit is well equipped with screwdrivers to help you work on any projects you may have that require insulated screwing and unscrewing tasks. The variety of different size screwdrivers is important to find the perfect one for each project you are working on.

  1. EXPERT 1,000 Volt Insulated Screwdrivers
  2. VE Series 1,000 Volt Insulated Screwdriver
  3. VSE Series 1,000 Volt Insulated Tooling
Hole Punches

The most common use for punches is for making holes in metal pieces. These everyday pieces are often used on thin sheets of metal.

Physical Measurement

This kit includes the right tools for crimping connectors. It enables you to perfectly position the wire in the terminal and crimp it without difficulty.

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