Shaft and Belt alignment

Alignment tools

By adjusting your machine to be accurate, machinery failures and production breaks can be decreased, meaning you don’t have to stop the flow and spend money. You can also increase the lifetime of your machines by correcting alignment.


Rotating machinery can suffer breakdowns because of misaligned shafts, belt drives, or chain drives.

You can save money, time, and hassle by using machinery aligners to make sure your machines are properly aligned. Machines with incorrectly aligned bearings will have unnecessary repair time, crippling unplanned downtime, and reduced lifespans.

With precise technologies such as laser measurements, alignment tools can be used to identify alignment issues with existing plants and commission new plants. This is useful when there is no machinery error present but an extraneous factor that needs attention.


Today, there’s a trend towards reducing costs and optimizing assets. With accurate alignment, the need for accuracy is greater than ever.

We offer a range of alignment tools, including the following sub-categories:

  1. Different types of belt alignment tools
  2. A variety of shaft alignment tools
  3. Certified and adjustable chocks
  4. Machinery shim

And all assortments of versatile alignment tools.

Belt alignment tool

These tools align belts and chains magnetically, making it easier to monitor the alignment of belts. The unit attaches to either side of a belt pulley or chain sprocket and sends a laser line that tells you whether the alignment is accurate.

This is often performed through a unique mechanism. There are no small parts or targets that can get lost on these aligners, which also project a laser line onto the reflector, then reflect it onto the receiver. The horizontal angle of all three is reflected on the transmitter unit.

Here are the general highlights of our belt alignment tools

  1. Powerful magnets for superior connections
  2. Easy installation instructions for alignment tools
  3. You can use the belt lubricant on most machines that use belts.
  4. Alignment tools from Sturdy aluminum housings
  5. Affordable options
  6. Turbo line up design- offering the new belt alignment tool

What’s more, most of our products align shafts by specific criteria but can be adjusted depending on the user’s needs. 

Shaft alignment tool

The shaft alignment tools are high performing and easy-to-use tools specifically designed for core tasks. Precision laser shaft alignment tools allow for more accurate and repeatable machinery measurements.

 Some of these models are also available at a significantly lower cost because it uses inductive proximity sensors instead of lasers.

  1. It consists of an inductive proximity sensor that makes the task easier for anyone
  2. Viewable for intuitive and easy measurements, with the horizontal alignment of each being straightforward.
  3. Provides a quick return on investment in terms of performance and results
  4. Affordable price range
  5. High precision

Adjustable chocks

These tools are used as alignment tools to help with the erection of chocking equipment. Chocks are self-leveling and provide an option for specifying the height of the profile. They allow rotating equipment to be mounted securely to a frame or foundation with an easy, accurate process. The chocks can accommodate differences in mounting angles between machines up to 4 degrees.

Equipment foundation systems like these allow you to use your existing equipment without having to buy costly new ones.

  1. An increased load capacity
  2. Ergonomic design that helps reduce the load on your spine
  3. Various methods to adjust alignment
  4. Lessened chock height across the entire range

Available Models

Alignment tools are helpful in the maintenance of machines; they replace the guesswork with laser measurements to align rotational equipment and spare a mechanic from minor chaos. we offer a comprehensive list of alignment tools from the following brand:

  1. SKF
  2. Fluke
  3. Enerpac
  4. Pruftechnik
  5. Ludeca

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Our alignment tool kits include user-friendly laser skewers, air compressor pulley calculators, belt conveyor alignment procedures, and many more essential pieces. Using the right tool, you can correct misalignment quickly and efficiently.

To find out which one of these products suits your workplace requirements best, request tool data sheets, or place an order, get in touch with our field experts at RAAH International today. We are here to answer all your questions.

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