Multifunction Dataloggers

Multifunction Data Loggers and Data Acquisition

Data loggers have a wide selection of input selections, which makes them great for monitoring high-frequency events and capturing transients.

If a data logger displays output, then it can be configured to perform other functions when specific conditions are met. For accurate, low-cost monitoring in any application, use data loggers. They are time efficient and easy to use, which makes them perfect for any application.

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Mostly, data loggers are used to monitoring the environment. For instance, it can be used for environmental monitoring because precise temperature, humidity, and pressure data are recorded and transmitted. Industrial uses are also when you have sensitive equipment that needs to be monitored in order to prevent any damages, such as;

  1. Environmental monitoring sectors
  2. Industrial health and safety
  3. Energy management across all the energy sectors
  4. Farming and agriculture
  5. Urban planning
  6. Clinical laboratories and more.


Data loggers are compact digital devices that can measure environmental conditions as well as other parameters using a sensor. They come with varying amounts of memory that store the data they collect before sending it to the user’s phone or computer.

You can find a variety of dataloggers with different purposes. One purpose is for the monitoring of scientific processes, like the display of temperature, pressure, and other variables.

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Available Models


Additel multichannel reference recorders are handheld, so their use is intrinsically safe. They measure and collect data for pressure, temperature, barometric pressure, and electrical measurement in one portable device.

The ADT260Ex is the perfect device for pipeline work because it can perform hydrostatic pressure testing, air leak testing, inlet and outlet pressure testing at pump stations, and safety valve and ex-proof membrane testing. It also calibrates pressure devices.

Features of Additel

The Additel 260EX features on-board storage that can hold up to 10 million readings, and users can view the data locally as well.

This system has a large, built-in recording capacity. You can choose to record for as long as you want by setting an interval time from 0.1 seconds to 9999 seconds.

Dwyer Dataloggers

The Series DW Data Logger monitors the temperature, humidity, dew point, voltage, and current and gives you the opportunity to monitor carbon monoxide. You can easily download stored data by plugging the module directly into a PC’s USB port.

With moisture resistance of up to IP67 and sample alerts, Copymatic is a water-resistant sensor for temperature monitoring. It also has built-in LEDs that let you know when alarms have been triggered or the battery needs to be charged.

Dwyer Features

The screen can also show user-selected wind speed units, as well as other measurements such as relative humidity, wet bulb temperature, dew point, and BTU capacity. It’s capable of recording ambient temperature at °F or °C.

Data can be recorded and downloaded through RS232, measurements are automatically averaged, and probes are easy to replace.


This meter will monitor your data, and you’ll be able to transfer it onto your PC for viewing. It measures time, temperature, and humidity, and displays Max/Min information on the LCD. It has a “fully tested and calibrated” design, meant for years of use with proper care.

For instance, the Extech RHT30 USB Humidity/Temperature Datalogger can measure the relative humidity and temperature of the atmosphere. It’s very versatile and has accuracy at .5% of air temperature from -30˚C to 70˚C degrees with a 1% accuracy of relative humidity from 0.1% to 99.9%.

Furthermore, the user can save up to 48,000 readings in the Extech RHT30’s internal memory, which is separated into two cards for temperature and humidity. These readings also have a time-and-date stamp.

Extech Features

The Extech dataloggers offer a digital screen with a digital screen, data hold, adjustable alarms, and max/min recording. The USB ports make transferring information to a PC easy, and there are both PDF and Excel reports of raw data and graphical analyses.

Models such as the Extech RHT30 allow you to switch between six languages and have a battery life of about three months. The thermometer includes a USB cover and stands as well as a wall screw, along with a hanger that can be built in.

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