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Vibration sensors measure devices with a sensor called an accelerometer. An accelerometer measures the dynamic acceleration of the device and converts it into volts.

Vibration is important, not just because it can make you feel uncomfortable, but because it can also do some serious damage to machinery. The systems that generate vibration are measured in three ways: acceleration, displacement, and velocity.

vibration meter


A vibration meter is a way to measure something that has vibrations. Generally, it features memory for storing measurements and a data logger for acquiring precision data over time. Some common applications include:

Detecting common issues using vibration

Vibrations can cause premature wear and tear that can lead to equipment failure, noise, and harm. Imbalance or misalignment in rotating assets can cause components like the drive shafts to crack or snap.

Visually representing the rigor of vibration.

When the vibration intensity is above the thresholds, Fluke Connect software sends an alarm. This can be used to keep track of progress in difficult environments and ensure your company is being safe. Vibration monitors use a hierarchy system commonly found in companies’ management structures, called FOVS, to keep track of which alarms are relevant to your needs.

Tracking asset health with temperature and vibration

The surface temperature may not be the best way to determine the inner workings of a machine. However, if the ambient temperature changes, it can be relatively trusted that there is internal stress on a machine.


Vibration monitoring devices use accelerometers to measure changes in amplitude, frequency, and intensity of forces that damage rotating equipment. Studying these measurements can allow teams to discover imbalance or bearing wear, for example, in equipment before it might fail.

Available Models

Extech Vibration Meter

Extech offers a range of vibration meters, from light and easy to use, to heavy duty. These meters can be used for monitors, tests, and research.

Extech utilizes a variety of devices to analyze plant and industrial vibration. From compact memory sticks to heavy-duty devices, Extech offers logging instruments that are right for your testing needs.

Fluke Vibration Meter

With Fluke Connect, you can measure both high and low-frequency ranges, creating lists of assets and orders at your computer and then sending these routes to technicians in the field.

In short, you can measure at both low and high-frequency ranges, with automated measurements frequently updated on the PC.

Monarch Vibration Meter

Monarch has a Condition-Based Maintenance program that includes their Examiner 1000 Vibration Meters. These can measure acceleration, velocity, and acceleration enveloping.

Reed Vibration Meter

The Reed’s series data logging vibration meter measures velocity and acceleration to determine vibration levels in machinery. The real-time data logger with an integrated SD memory card can measure/record velocity and acceleration to determine vibration levels in machinery.

SPM Vibration Meter

With these techniques, you’ll be able to detect faulty gears or bearings in any machine. New technologies for the early detection of vibrational disorders have been introduced, which can identify potential issues before they happen.

With our services, you can find out if there are any mechanical errors with your machine before the damage becomes fatal.

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