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Inspection cameras use to collect inspection data. Commonly known as Industrial Inspection Cameras or Digital Inspection Cameras.

Here, we discuss what to look for in an inspection camera and how inspection cameras work. You’ll also find a list of the top 10 inspection cameras on the market.


With an IR camera, anomalies are detected through contrast temperatures. Thermal imaging measures surface temperatures and documents these issues.

Inspectors use an inspection camera to collect data for the purposes of inspections. Other terms used for these types are both “Industrial Inspection Cameras” and “Digital Inspection Cameras.”

Available Models


hand-held RIDGID inspection cameras offer visual detection, diagnosis, and confirmation in hard-to-reach areas.

The CA-25 has a wide variety of features, including video out functions and 180° renders. It also comes with all the necessities to take your device on the go. We have cases and cables available for purchase.


With a Fluke camera, you can see what exactly is going on in enclosed spaces with high-resolution imagery.

There are many models of endoscopes. They assist with visual inspections in difficult-to-reach locations, like cavities.

See all available models below.

Fluke Network

The Fluke Network is a machine that simplifies the inspection process. The small-profile probe fits into tight spots and only takes a few seconds to be in focus, with pushbutton controls for easy operation. It also has a camera, which provides a sharp view of the end face in a few seconds. While inspecting, it freezes the image on the crisp display for more detail.

Factors for Finding the Proper Inspection Camera

Consider the following factors when you buy an inspection camera:


Depending on the type of data you require, the image quality will determine how pixelated it is.


To ensure you get the photos and videos you need in a poorly lit environment, choose a camera that captures good lighting or purchase additional lighting equipment.


Choose the dimensions that are perfect for your space, and make sure your camera will fit nicely. If needed, you can find cables for a tighter fit, but you may not need one.


It makes sense to get a high-quality digital inspection camera if you are a professional inspector. It may not be needed if you are just starting out in the job because you may be fine with the camera you already have until you learn enough about what camera is right for what needs.


Cameras are rated for foreign contamination. Cameras without a rating may not be able to do work in water or a highly dusty environment.


With a checklist that includes all the information they need, inspectors no longer need to worry about forgetting something.

Magnets. To grab metallic objects seen by a snake camera during an inspection.

Hooks attach to the end of cables to help with inspection. They also extend items seen during an inspection.

Cameras are fitted to allow inspectors to see different angles of the object. The purpose of this is so that the inspector can capture a full view of the object.


You should research your camera to find out what batteries it needs, so you know how to prepare for this beforehand.

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