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A black body emits a type of radiation as it heats up. An infrared thermometer is designed to measure the strength and pattern of this radiation, and says how hot something is.

Otherwise known as laser thermometers, you don’t need to touch your temperature sensor to the surface of an object in order to measure its temperature.

Thermometers use infrared technology to measure the temperature of materials, regardless of their proximity to the thermometer. Use it on hot, dangerous, or difficult-to-reach materials while remaining safe.


Infrared thermometers are primarily used for measuring the temperature from a distance. The device is beneficial in situations where it is difficult to reach the object to record the temperature.

The Infrared Thermometer detects the surface temperature without having to contact the object.

With this technology, you can reach tight spaces, or those with moving parts, hard to reach, electrical components, parts in curing ovens, bearings, electrical junction containers, coolants, machines, plastic molding, asphalt, etc.


Infrared thermometers are not accurate, and they also provide readings only on external temperature and not internal.

Our infrared thermometers are very accurate at readings. They could provide an accurate reading about temperatures, leading to an understanding of important data. These thermometers only measure surface temperatures and can read internal temperatures to some extent.

  1. Quick and easy operation
  2. Can show maximum/minimum/average temperatures
  3. Automated data hold and auto power-off
  4. Comes with a trigger lock and high/low alarms
  5. Offers backlit LCD display

Available Model

Fluke Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers give an accurate visual of what the temperature is. They are used for locating hot and cold spots and for spotting energy loss sources, wire damage or measuring the temperature from a safe distance. The applications are endless and infrared thermometers are essential in today’s electrical testing world.

Check the available models below.

Amprobe Infrared Thermometers

This infrared thermometer has an extremely accurate spot-to-distance ratio, with a range of the device at 50:1. You can measure the temperature with a device at -58 °F to a standard measurement of 2822 °F.

A laser pointer and button can be used to make temperatures without actually touching the object with a thermometer. It is easy to store in your pocket and measure the temperature of objects quickly.

Extech Infrared Thermometers

The IR200 is helpful for screening occasions for higher-than-average temperatures. This infrared thermometer has a non-contact design and can alert you when the temperature exceeds a certain point. The measurement distance is adjustable, from 1.9 into 5.9 in (5 to 15 cm).

The surface temperature gun can measure the following ranges: 32°F-140°F or 0°C and 60°C.

You can read these measurements in under 0.5 seconds on the backlit LCD display. The gun comes complete with two AA batteries, making it easy to use right out of the box.

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