Level Transmitters

Level Transmitters

Level transmitters are used for continuous liquid level measurement. They rely on a magnetostrictive principle to measure the position of a magnetic float. This way, they measure liquid levels with high accuracy and provide an interface.

In practice, we offer you a magnetostrictive level transmitter for easy, safe, and reliable measurements with liquid levels. The LMT Series is the latest advancement in this field of measurement.

Level transmitter: how does it work?

The LMT100 operates based on the magnetostrictive principle, which causes torsional stress to travel down the detector wire as a result of magnetic fields. The sensing element in the sensor transforms the mechanical torsion into an electrical signal that is then linked to the level of magnetic float with a proportional amount.


Level transmitters measure the level of a liquid or substance at any given time. Heavy solids and liquids, alike, can be monitored with the help of a transmitter.

Magnetostrictive Level Measurement is a variation of echo-based instruments, where the level in a container is measured by the height of sound waves that are bounced back to an instrument. Transmitters for triggering continuous measurements for liquids can be found in bypass level indicators, as well as industrial places like offshore stations or onshore energy stations.


The CORIO PRMX6 features an outside continuous level measurement, with input of current value of 4-20 mA, and output with a digital interface.

Signal and supply wire are twisted together with a .8mm to .35mm cross-section. Additionally, these transmitters can work at a distance of up to 50m and has a voltage range between 12-42V DC. For safer devices, the voltage must be limited to under 30 V DC.

Why do you need a magnetostrictive level transmitter

The LMT Series of level transmitters offers accurate and reliable measurement for even the most difficult and hazardous industrial environments. The LMT100 offers additional temperature measurements as an optional feature.

Product overview

The LMT Series of transmitters are a modular range of field-mounted electronic transmitters, which are microprocessor-based and use multiple sensor technologies. They can also be purchased with optional temperature measurements.

The LMT Series from Magnum Magnetics is American-made, is fully certified, and uses the latest in magnetostrictive liquid level measurement technology.

What’s more, this series is designed with new technology to make it easy for customers to measure the level of liquids and determine interfaces.

LMT 100


Some simple applications for magnetostrictive level transmitters include being used in sump or water storage tanks, while tougher applications range from high-pressure separator vessels or boiler drums. The design of these sensors is customized to match the process application and the communication protocol requirement.

Additionally, the inherent design of this sensor allows it to be used in other applications where other level technologies can be challenged because of heavy vapors, emulsion layers, condensation, and foam on surfaces.


This design is created for direct insertion, delivering total control. It is best suitable for interface level measurement.

LMT200 with KM26:

This model is externally mounted, furnishing both total and interface-level functions.


Similar to LMT 100, this design is implied for direct insertion. It also provides total or interfaces level functions, which can be used according to the application.

AT200 with KM26:

The AT200 with KM26 is designed for external mounting. It supplies total or interface level functions.

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Highlights of Our Transmitters

  • With a patented sensing element that converts torsion into an electrical return pulse, the transmission can go farther without losing its strength.
  • The measuring device uses microprocessor-based electronics to measure the time between start and return pulses (Time of Flight) to create a position measurement that translates proportionally to the level of the float.
  • A sensor tube, which has a wire embedded inside, detects an electrical pulse. The magnetic field that the device produces interacts with a magnetic float and creates a torsional wave.

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