Intrinsically Safe Thermometer

Intrinsically Safe Thermometer

We offer intrinsically safe infrared and contact thermometers. They all come with intrinsically safe certifications or Zone 1 and 2 hazardous environments. In addition, they are able to measure temperatures from -40°C to 800°C. Each product also comes with a conductive case to safely carry the IR thermometer. What’s more, all our thermometers present a ratio of 50:1 for distance-to-spot.

Our catalog a variety of models, including Ex Temperature Devices, to measure the temperature in hazardous areas.


We have a wide selection of Ex Temp Devices that are used to measure the temperature of different environments. For example, our range can be used in greenhouses and factories.

Our EX Infrared Thermometer is safe and can measure the temperature of hazardous areas. It has the certifications stamped by ATEX and IECEx.

The rugged measuring instrument compiles all the data you need to do your job quickly and accurately, with up to 99 readings to choose from. It has an LCD screen that stores information, so you can take multiple readings without taking time out of your day.

When mistakes can’t be tolerated, Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometers will protect you by making sure it is safe to work with hazardous materials. This type of equipment also uses the best quality and skills when engineering.

  1. Accurate measurement
  2. Adaptable for Zone 1 into Zone 0 measurements
  3. Efficiently gauge hard-to-reach objects
  4. Measurements of moving objects
  5. Effortless emissivity modification
  6. Data logging up to several points
  7. Stores up to numerous measurement points, such as time and date
  8. 4 hours of continuous operation
  9. Offers single-point laser


A thermometer’s intelligence is measured by its ability to withstand an electric or electrical accident or disaster. A Thermometer’s fire prevention measures are inputted and prevent unintended ignition. The chance of sparking into contact with other materials is minimal in the first place.

We make thermometers from various elements, and use precautions to adhere to safety standards. These precautions are also taken into account by regulators, and we include a strap that prevents the instrument from coming in contact with the dangerous material in a vessel if the liquid inside is flammable.

Characteristics of Our Testing Devices

1. Resistance

The testing gauges are resistant to melting, and chemical damage, and the materials that make up the outside of the gauges are resistant to static electricity.

2. Certification

The instruments are certified, meaning the instrument enclosures, external hardware, and all surfaces meet or exceed the standards.

All instruments are tested and designated to be intrinsically safe by international organizations. Depending on the model, you will find specific safety markings in the product data sheet.

3. Hazardous location safe

Use our quality mark to designate hazardous locations according to temperature, gas group, etc.

4. Unique design

The bonding clip should be attached to the metal point before entering anything into the flammable material. The procedure, in general, should be followed before entering any tool or instrument.

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Our tester offers a wide range of safety equipment that ensures safety during hazardous circumstances. Get in touch with our field experts at RAAH International for more information about the available models or utility advice. Order today and take advantage of our discounted prices.