Marine Cables

Marine Cables

Marine cables are resistant to extreme temperatures, as well as oil and other elements that are prevalent in maritime environments. They can also bear strong water pressure.


Marine cables must be designed to withstand a variety of elements, including humidity, oil, acid, mud, and saltwater.

Brake cables, or general circuit wiring, are used in marine applications. They are resistant and specially insulated from water. Brakes also use a tinned copper conductor and PVC jacket.

Types of Marine Wire-Cables

Marine Cable-Wire (Tinned Copper)

Tinned copper wire is built for protection from corrosion and electrical failure. Tinned copper is at the core of marine wire-cable. The tin coating protects the wires from corrosion, thereby eliminating any risk of electrical failure.

These cables can be used in 105-degree applications, and it’s the perfect choice for an electrical connection in the marine region. Tinned copper performs well in all conditions and can withstand salt water.

Marine Cable-Wire (BareCopper)

Marine Cable-Wire (BareCopper) can be used for electrical equipment, circuit wiring, marine applications, and everything in between. The best thing about it is that it shares many of the properties of tinned cable wire but with a better conductor – bare copper!

SAE Cable-Wire

SAE Cable-Wire is general synthetic polymer insulation that can be used to provide insulation for primary wires. It is usually used in marine settings, with a temperature range of -20ºC to 105ºC.

Flat Marine Cable

A flat marine cable is a multi-conductor that can be used in marine cables. It has a PVC insulated conductor, which allows for fast transfer speeds.

Round Marine Cable

Round marine cable vs. flat, both have their pros. The round marine cable can be installed in tight spaces and may be able to handle tough conditions for easy installation since the cables are easy to arrange.

Marine Battery Cable

Marine battery cables are used for marine conditions. They are cables with high strand counts and tin-plated coppers strands. It may be used in any battery installation.

Shipboard Cable

The Shipboard Cables specifications were developed in response to flammability, smoke, and toxicity concerns. These new specifications provide extra safety measures for the people and equipment aboard ships and vessels.

Low Smoke Shipboard Cable

Low smoke shipboard cable is a newer type of cable which is more lightweight and offers more functionality than traditional cables. Some types of low smoke cable include electronic communications, power, and control.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Shipboard Cable

Using LSH cable’s zero halogen design prevents toxic fumes from coming into contact with fire. The manufacturer of these cables does not use a toxic material, which can be dangerous to one’s health. These cables are available in many different types, including power, communication, control, lighting, etc.

Coax Shipboard Cable

Coaxial cables are appropriate for use on ships and vessels due to properties like flexibleness, abrasion resistance, as well as low smoke, and zero halogen. These cables are durable and low in toxicity.

Available Models

DRAKA Shipboard Cables

Draka produces a wide range of products and is a licensed distributor of Draka offshore cables. All of the cables we provide come with type approval from a reputable third-party certification.

Marine Batt Cables

BATT CABLES plc has a wide selection of offshore and marine cable products that fit relevant standards like IEC 60092, IBS 6883, and NEK 606. BATT CABLES also creates ship cables that can stand up to different weather conditions.

Marine LS Cables

LS Cable is a verified product, meeting all the necessary approval and certification requirements. LS Cable designs wires for offshore facilities, ships, and all other environments.

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