Flexible Control Cables


When you need flexible multi-conductor control cables, use them with any machinery or production line that needs to be controlled.


Flexible cables have been made for use with machinery such as in cable carriers for a wide radius of movement. More often than not, cables are made of flexible materials and capable of withstanding the force or bends and twists.

There are cables for various industrial processes, such as machinery supply cables, motor cables, and robotics cables. These are also known as multi-core cables, control flex, and flexible control cables.


For a range of industrial applications, SY, CY, LiYCY, and LiYY cables control the functions of our machines. Often called control cables, they often fall under a specific category such as machinery supply cable.

These cables are suitable for use under medium, light, or high mechanical stress. They offer varying degrees of protection against electrical interference and caustic substances but can’t handle oils.

Available Models

There are three types of cable. SY is suited for mechanically stressed machines that need to be reinforced with steel wire. CY and YY act similarly but have no protection.


Delta launched a high-performance motion control motor and drive to meet the needs of industrial automation. The ASDA-A2 servo motors and servo drives are used to create motion-controlled applications, which can help machine designers or system integrators create their own precision machines. In addition, flexible multi-conductor cables can be used with machinery, conveyors, and more when creating a control platform.

Other highlights include:

  1. Elevated Accuracy Control
  2. Excellent Vibration Suppression
  3. Flexible Internal Position Mode
  4. Unique Built-in Electronic Cam
  5. Complete Closed-loop Control


Belden cables are rated 600V and come in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, control Cables can be used to control automated processes and come backed with a long-lasting. In order to deal with these problems, electrical cables are getting improved.”

Belden cables provide a reliable and cost-efficient solution for your machines. Across the entire product line of MachFlex Cables, you can make sure your machine is successful by specifying cables to meet your physical and mechanical needs.

Other highlights include:

  1. Possessing the physical and mechanical requirements required to perform
  2. Consistent performance with less overall cable maintenance and lower costs
  3. Use in compact areas to allow additional cable runs while maintaining the toughness required for flexing
  4. Certified construction
  5. Suitable for NFPA 79 applications

Please Note

A flexible multi-conductor control cable is a metal cord that has several strands twisted in multiple layers. Flex can be black, green, or orange in color and can have a screen cover to protect the main body. Flex is usually used for fixed installations, but sometimes also for occasional temporary applications. The cord is not suitable for direct burial.

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